Pastor Damon Thompson outs gay teens in church service – updated*

Dutch Sheets, Aaron Smith and Mike Thompson write…

“A message from the three spiritual fathers that Damon Thompson submits his life and ministry to…

He did not ask us to do this – we insisted – and asked him to post it on his website.

Dear friends of Damon Thompson Ministries,

As you have probably heard by now, after 10 faithful and wonderful years ministering at The Ramp, Damon is no longer involved there, though he still loves it very much. Due to the extraordinary number of inquiries, the tremendous amount of speculation and the inevitable circulation of rumors concerning this change, we feel it is necessary to offer a few explanations.

We do this, not to cause polarization or “side-choosing” – no one wants to see more of this foolishness in the Body of Christ – but simply to affirm the heart and character of Damon. He has chosen not to comment. For Damon to make a statement could necessitate him crossing ethical lines through innuendos or veiled statements. He has rightly chosen not to do this.

Multiplied thousands of you, however, have been positively impacted by Damon over the last 10 years and are now being left to wonder, speculate and imagine what has happened. This, of course, always leads to confusion, emotional pain, division and unfortunately, even disillusionment.  We are already receiving several of the inevitable questions that arise when people are left simply to speculate: was there immorality involved? is Damon having marriage issues? was there financial impropriety? did he leave to take an offer somewhere else? You can imagine the questions being asked and the rumors that are circulating.

We can speak freely of several things to assure you of the character and heart of Damon. The simple answer to the questions above is that none of these things have occurred. Damon walks in purity and integrity – he lives what he so passionately preaches. His walk with the Lord is strong, his marriage is very healthy, his finances are in order, he did not leave the Ramp for other opportunities; and he did not simply “walk out” on the Ramp. Damon did not choose the manner or timing of his departure.

Finally, it is not our attempt to cast Karen Wheaton or the Ramp in a negative light. We are sure they feel that the decisions they made were appropriate, and that every effort was made to do so with integrity. They, too, love God, are morally pure and are trying to make a difference on the earth for Jesus. Over the years they have done this well and with great sacrifice. Our only purpose for this statement is to assure you that Damon remains pure, walks in integrity, and is the man you have believed him to be. He still burns with the fire of awakening and will continue to carry that mantle to this generation with an uncompromising commitment to the narrow road God has so graciously entrusted to him. 

Please pray for Damon and his family as they transition, And pray for the Ramp, as well as they move into new activities and emphases. 


Dutch Sheets

Aaron Smith

Ike Thompson”


LGBTQ Nation earlier reported…

“There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth among supporters of The Ramp ministry in Hamilton Sunday night as it became evident that ‘Prophet’ Damon Thompson had either left or been removed from the ministry.

Damon Thompson, you may recall, is the charismatic youth minister who drew national attention last summer when my article and videos of his gay reparative prayer service and a vitriolic rant against “queers” went viral.

In the rant, he claimed that the gay teen suicide epidemic isn’t caused by bullying, but by the “demonic force of homosexuality.”

Did the negative attention surrounding his views on gays contribute to Thompson’s departure? As of yet, there is no clear indication; there has been no official statement from The Ramp, its staff, or Thompson himself. But the signs don’t point to an amiable departure; it doesn’t appear Thompson even had the chance to offer a farewell.

Supporters first noticed something amiss when Thompson’s name and picture were quietly removed from the leadership page on The Ramp’s website, leaving only a picture of Ramp founder Karen Wheaton. His name also disappeared from upcoming events that he was scheduled to participate in.

A source did confirm that the ministry team was privately informed of Thompson’s departure last week.

The only clue from Thompson himself may have been cryptic hints in a sermon at a church in Panama City, Fla. Thursday night.

“The reason I’m fighting like I’m fighting now is because hell is sore afraid of where God’s about to take me in the
days to come,” he told the congregation at High Praise and Worship Center. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Sunday night’s service at The Ramp seemed to confirm the worst fears [of] Thompson’s supporters as they watched the live stream on The Ramp’s website. The service, normally a high energy atmosphere with lots of jumping and the Christian equivalent of a mosh pit, was highly subdued. Audience members were audibly wailing and crying.

Lindell Cooley, who once led worship at the famed Brownsville Revival in Pensecola, Fla., spoke on the stage where Thompson preached just one week before. Without naming him, Cooley seemed to allude to his exit.

“When people leave, you hurt,” Cooley told the crowd. “You’re not angry with them. You’re not frustrated. You don’t think they’re evil. You just hurt.”

Those words didn’t do much to soothe the faithful.

“We need to pray. I am so grieved!” one supporter said. 
Another just wanted answers: “I wanna know what happened. It’s freakin’ Damon Thompson! He’s The Ramp. I love his spirit.”

Is it possible that Thompson’s ‘spirit’ could’ve led to his departure? Such resistance had built to his ministry that Thompson shut down his Facebook page after his page and The Ramp’s page were inundated with angry response’s to his anti-gay rhetoric.

In fact, he drew so much attention last summer that he was still wallowing in feigned martyrdom on New Year’s Eve. Pro-LGBT people had made 2011 the “greatest year” of harassment in his ministry’s history, he claimed.

“Stupid stuff happened,” he said at the annual Winter Ramp. “I made a statement about homosexuals and got 250,000 emails in 24 hours. I’ve been preaching about Jesus for years and get 12 emails. I got 250,000. I said this is crazy stuff going on, so I just kept preaching.”

While the volume of email he received is likely grossly exaggerated, it is clear that the backlash had an effect on the ministry at The Ramp. Thompson continued to rant against LGBT people and AIDS victims, but he ceased using more inflammatory words like “queer.”

As recently as January, he made clear his intention to carry on a fight against a culture that accepts perceived social ills like gays and abortion.

In a sermon at The Ramp last month, he signaled a yearning
for the days when The Ramp associated closely with Lou Engle, an evangelical firebrand who exerts significant influence over sympathetic politicians like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

Like Engle, Thompson
embraces Christian dominionist theology. Last year, Thompson ‘prophesied‘ that the Christian church would assume a “radical voice” that would allow it to
shape the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Yet if Sunday night’s guest speaker Lindell Cooley’s words are any indication, The Ramp may be seeking to move away from such overtly political dominionist Christianity. Cooley slammed the tendency of churches to embrace the political.

“We decided to be political,” he said. “And in the middle of this, the dove of the Holy Spirit flew because he suddenly realized that, ‘I’m not the focus anymore.’”

In the midst of all this, Damon Thompson’s more prophetic statement yet may have come while he was preaching to the crowd in Pensacola last week:

“People operating under the wrong spirit are being forced into a quick repentance or quick exit,” he said.”



28 thoughts on “Pastor Damon Thompson outs gay teens in church service – updated*

  1. I agree with a lot of machomans views, preachers have no dignity or class. I have been out of the ‘loop’ for a while and having just started seeing ‘christian’ tv a bit can not believe how sensationalist it is. Celebrity culture, microphone technique, cameras everywhere, blatant money begging, no old people only old messages. To a normal person who just lives life close to Jesus and walking in the real world of work and community this is all just patronising nonsense. One day last week I even saw an australian church where everyone was listening to a talk about having a rest. The speaker was making a desperate, cloying attempt to spiritualise this non sermon. The people were sitting in stunned silence at the turgid blahfest coming from the stage. I asked myself the question, do australian christians think they are so busy and important that they have to have someone tell them its good to have a rest or a day off? How thick are they? Or are they so well off that these are now the issues that are important to them as they sit in their comfy church? Crazy stuff in my opinion.


  2. So the reason for Damon’s abrupt departure without any prior notice is to be found in what the 3 did not say. They said

    We can speak freely of several things to assure you of the character and heart of Damon. The simple answer to the questions above is that none of these things have occurred. Damon walks in purity and integrity – he lives what he so passionately preaches. His walk with the Lord is strong, his marriage is very healthy, his finances are in order, he did not leave the Ramp for other opportunities; and he did not simply “walk out” on the Ramp. Damon did not choose the manner or timing of his departure.

    In other words he was sacked for some reason other than what the 3 mentioned.


    Finally, it is not our attempt to cast Karen Wheaton or the Ramp in a negative light. We are sure they feel that the decisions they made were appropriate, and that every effort was made to do so with integrity.

    In other words Karen did the right thing in sacking him without normal notice period.

    So exactly what was he sacked for?

    It was without prior notice, no 2 weeks notice, but immediate since his followers were not given any indication prior to the 1st scheduled meeting Damon did not preach at. Can we deduce that it was serious due to the abrupt nature of the sacking without due notice.

    The silence is getting louder.


  3. May I humbly ask if you plan to post the news about the 14 year old girl from Maryland who received death threats after making a statement against same sex marriage before the Maryland state senate?


    “Q: What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?
    A: Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.”

    Groucho Marx


  5. ‘And these days, there’s a fair chance that the preacher will be found in some kind of gay liason anyway.’

    Care to lay some odds on that dumb, slanderous claim?

    The fact that these things, if and when they do happen, make the mainline news tells us its rare.

    People like you think it’s dangerous to fly in aircraft because there are two or three crashes a year out of the hundreds of thousands of flights.


  6. Mrs Niggerbater…whatever ones view of homosexuality…i am not pro gay…but I am compassionate towards the struggles they go through…you are not a Christian…Jesus said “how can blessing and cursing come from the same mouth”? you talk about GOD and deliverance and in the same sentence abuse people with that disgusting term faggot….you are a fraud…may the Lord by His Spirit rebuke you…


  7. A whole heap of people were delivered during that bizo and were met with the grace nof God. Im sorry that all you faggots cant see that.


  8. this made me so sad. i believe homosexuality is a sin, but i don’t believe you will get “delivered” of temptation. it’s like saying if you are a thief and stuggling with the urge to steal come up the front and Jesus will take that away? romans 7 & 8 clearly state we will ALWAYS struggle with the sin nature but those that are led by the Spirit of God these are the sons of God. we will always be tempted by sin but God says that He will provide a way out so that we don’t fall into it. only by walking with Jesus in relationship will we see freedom. it broke my heart to see these kids so exposed. too many cameras. i agree with machoman.


  9. On that note, in general personally have no problems with people closing their eyes and lifting up hands and worshiping etc, but I don’t think we need to have cameras in our faces all the time.

    Too many cameras these days…


  10. I agree. All that comes out of this is a bunch of vulnerable kids who now have opened themselves up to ridicule by others in the youth group and outside of it because they are now seen as gay or lesbian, even though they are not really sure what they are at this point in their lives. All that has happened is that some of them who are gay have gotten on the reparative therapy roller coaster where they will fast, pray and do everything this preacher or therapist will tell them to do and still find that they are gay at the end of the day. Either they come out or go back further into the closet.


  11. if he was a predator…what better way to identify kids who are struggling…he should have removed condmenation…the gay rights movement flourishes on giving people ‘pride’ in themselves and draws in young impressionable people through acceptance…they can do this because the church as seen here has ‘demonised’ them…poor kids everyone here should pray for them…my heart sank watching these beautiful children of God be publicly shamed…


  12. I’d agree with you machoman. He widen the net for the alter call after not getting enough responses. Even if it was the ladies saying it, he reinforced the widening.

    It got to the point where any impressionable kids were being told to come up if they had been called “gay” and it affected them, even if they were straight as. And true to human nature he got more kids up, who would have guessed.

    Did you notice at the beginning that he said God will NOT live in a person with a [gay] demon/devil. Well seeing a couple of kids speaking in tongues I’d say either he got that wrong or he has worse problems (-: (Yes he talked crap) Basically that equates to not being able to be born again until you are all those issues resolved.

    My impression is he gets off on impressing his will on the kids.

    Also he feels more a “man” by seeing so many at the alter weaker than him, and that his excessive yelling is compensation for other issues.

    mm you may even be right when you say that he has issues with homosexuality. He protests too much for one who only honestly believes homosexuality is a sin.


  13. I have a theory about “generational” churches. So many of the mega churches just aim for young people (“this generation”) , a “youth” church etc. Some guy in his 20s or 30’s or who appears to be so full of knowledge, authority and faith – to vulnerable people in their teens.

    But to anyone a little older they just come across as unstable egomaniacs you’d never want to let your kids near.


  14. Actually, I really hate the way the “tough guy” preachers in these kinds of churches seem to love to get people to respond to all kinds of private issues in front of everyone. Bad enough that the whole church sees them, but now you get to be on youtube forever.

    (I’ve made my views known on the gay issue, so I’m not going to talk about that aspect).

    I really loathe the way preachers have no sense of dignity.
    I wouldn’t want anyone I know to go out for this if he were talking about adultery, pornography or even period pain for that matter.

    Being away from Charismania for a while now and watching a video like this just makes me think there are too many “ministers” who are just in love with microphones and movie cameras.

    And these days, there’s a fair chance that the preacher will be found in some kind of gay liason anyway.

    btw, are there any old people left in churches these days – besides the leaders?


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