9 hour wait – no snake

Joy Online reports…

“A pastor of the Seventh Day Revival Judaism of Yahweh church at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region was Thursday given a hot chase by residents after he failed to fulfill a promise of turning a walking stick into a snake.

The youth of the town, some of [whom] gathered at the market square as early as from 6:00 am expecting to see the miracle unfold, realized after 3:00 pm that they had waited in vain.

In an apparent attempt to replicate the Biblical account of Moses turning his staff into a serpent that devoured others conjured by Pharaoh’s magicians, Pastor Yaw Saul, 49, who had without provocation but in a show of power called the townsfolk to come and witness the anointing of God on him realized almost too late that he had called on the name of God in vain.

The dreadlocked pastor who had vowed to close down his church if he failed to perform his miracle, soon took to his heels and ran for his dear life after missiles cast in the shapes of sachet water and fruits started flying in his direction and hitting him from among the agitated crowd.

According to Joy News correspondent, Awudu Iddrisu, Yaw Saul has a small congregation of about 35 regular members who follow him religiously on his routine sermons. There are others who join in to listen to the Gospel of Christ.

When Awudu Iddrisu later caught up with the ‘disappointed’ pastor at his residence after his narrow escape, he confirmed he would live by his word to close down the church and head to Accra where he claimed his wife runs a store to join her in her business.”

From http://edition.myjoyonline.com/pages/news/201203/82797.php


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