Pat Robertson whips up a storm

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FOX 5 News reports…

“Comments by televangelist Pat Robertson are sparking outrage among victims of last weekend’s tornadoes. Robertson says faith may have played a role in who was most affected by the storms.

Residents of west Georgia are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after tornadoes ripped threw their homes late Friday night. Many of them say it’s a miracle that the damage and injuries weren’t more extensive.

Robertson had choice words about the storms that hit much of the country.

When asked why God allows tornadoes to do people harm, the 700 Club host responded, “God didn’t send tornadoes. God set up a world where certain currents interact with other currents.”

His response has gone viral – especially comments that victims needed to pray to prevent the storms from happening. “If enough people were praying, He would intervene,” Robertson said. “You could still storms, Jesus could still storms.”

Some victims don’t see it that way. In fact, many residents say it was divine intervention that helped them get through a tough time.

“I’m really disturbed about it,” said Eric Keais, who was a victim of Friday’s storms. “I really don’t actually believe in that. My wife and I, we prayed, go to church every Sunday. We pay our tithes. The fact that all the devastation came through this neighborhood and nobody got hurt was a blessing.”

In the Yorkville community, many who identify themselves as Christians say they take exception to Robertson’s remark, especially since they say they rely on their faith to get them through tough times like this.

“Personally, I thank God that I’m alive and that the damage wasn’t greater,” said resident David Wilson. “I think that my neighbors are safe and not harmed in any way, although they’ve lost quite a bit of property. But this weather, I can’t say this is God’s fault.”

Many others also point out that it is people of faith that have helped neighbors more than anyone else.”



5 thoughts on “Pat Robertson whips up a storm

  1. Good one, Old Dude. If he’s that powerful, maybe the govt could pay him and he could just be on call and fly around the country rebuking hurricanes and tornados full-time.


  2. Maybe they could give Pat a “Bat phone” and when a bad storm/tornado is sited they call him on the bat phone and he could use that faith (that he tells them to have) to still the storm. Obvious Pat needs to show them how it is done. (/sarcasm)

    Pat showed that he was disconnected from the sufferings of people going through the storms.


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