The resurrection of Jimmy Swaggart

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Digital Journal reports…

“Twenty four years ago  Jimmy  Swaggart’s world seemingly came crashing down around him as a private  investigation revealed he had solicited prostitutes. The fiery Louisianian  preacher who had railed against social ills, promiscuity, homosexuality and  pornography was caught being a hypocrite by a man that he himself had allegedly  outed as having adulterous affairs Marvin Gorman. Swaggart was defrocked by the national Assemblies of God presbytery for violating their 2 year suspension on  preaching according to People magazine. Returning instead after his three months  suspension from the Louisiana presbytery was complete. By that time most of his  Bible College students had left and his “I Have Sinned” confession had been made  infamous.

It would be  3 years later in Indio, CA. during a crusade that Swaggart was again caught  with a prostitute in the passenger seat of his Jaguar after being pulled over  for driving on the wrong side of the road. Although he wasn’t charged with  soliciting, nor caught in the act, he was given a ticket which he paid by mail  and his ministry was once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It  would be here that many saw the last of the over six foot, former aspiring boxer  turned evangelist from Ferriday Louisiana.
However it was in late 2009 that Jimmy  Swaggart and his ministry in Baton Rouge launched the SonLife Broadcasting  Network a 24/7 television network which features Jimmy Swaggart’s preaching,  although his message has not changed too much, his delivery has to degree. Gone  is some of the abrasive style, and tough tone with which he angered Catholics,  called Jim Bakker a cancer on the body of Christ, and urged listeners to strive  for righteousness. Now Swaggart is gentler, and tells viewers stories of pass  crusades, antidotes about life as a poor boy in Ferriday and growing up with  cousin Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as his 3 great grandchildren mixed in with his  sermons. Although Swaggart still managed to anger homosexuals when joking once  of hypothetically  shooting a man if he looked at him with lust.
Swaggart is aided now by his only son  Donnie Swaggart, as well as his grandson Gabriel Swaggart and a dozen other  ministers including Loren Larson a former drug addict and dealer who says  Swaggart’s preaching helped change his life, who is now the President of World  Evangelism Bible College once named after Jimmy Swaggart himself.
The SonLife Broadcasting Network now boasts  broadcasting in 60 million households within the United States alone as well as  14 million homes in the United Kingdom, and present on satellites in Asia,  Africa and the Middle East. Jimmy Swaggart has gone on to publish nearly two  dozen books through his ministry including an Expositor Study Bible which has  sold nearly a million copies. Like many other religious networks on television  SonLife Broadcasting makes an appeal to viewers every month for donations to  purchase airtime on satellites. The $2 Million goal usually falls short by a  couple hundred thousand dollars, but still raises over a million dollars each  month.
The main staple of Jimmy Swaggart’s  ministry today is his ‘preaching of the cross’ according to a statement that is  found on their website and can be heard continuously on their programming.  Swaggart describes it as a revelation of what the Apostle Paul taught revealed  to him in 1997 after a decade of prayer. Jimmy Swaggart says it is not just the  key for Christians seeking to live for God but the only key. Psychology, self  improvement, word of faith is all rejected what is preached is an exclusive  reliance on faith in ‘what Jesus Christ did on the cross’ some 2,000 years ago.
Associate Pastor Donnie Swaggart, has  called so called ‘prosperity preachers’ like T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny  Hinn, Paula White, and Mike Murdoch ‘prosperity pimps‘ making the claim that  they are only swindling believers out of their money. Swaggart’s ministry has  been accused of misusing tax free  donationsthemselves in an investigation by journalist John Camp although  the salaries of Jimmy Swaggart and his wife, Frances believed to be between  $300,000 and $600,000 a year is no where near the reported salaries of other  televangelist like Joel Osteen who is said to be worth $40 Million or T.D. Jakes  rumored to be worth $18 Million. The accusations have centered around land deals  made by the ministry none of which however fund the $24 Million budget for the  television network or the $60 Million budget for Swaggart’s Family Worship  Center, a five thousand seat church on Blue Bonnet Road in Baton Rouge.
At one time Swaggart’s church dedicated  in the 1970’s was packed to capacity, today viewing the Sunday service aired  live weekly reveals the floor seats mostly filled but the upper balcony empty.  Yet Swaggart’s ministry claims an average of  a hundred new members weekly  through it’s ‘media church’ people sitting at home watching the services live  who are made members of the church at no cost.
Youth Pastor Gabriel Swaggart, grandson  of Jimmy Swaggart has followed in his grandfather’s footsteps calling Christian  Rock music as well as Christian Rap ‘of the devil’ and calling on pastors across  the country to ‘return to the word of God’ in the same style of preaching as his  grandfather some 20 years ago. It’s Gabriel’s ministry that hosts an  international youth conference each year which brings in hundreds of teenagers  and young adults according to his Crossfire  Youth Ministry website.
Just over the weekend Swaggart’s  ministry hosted it’s Easter camp meeting which saw thousands of followers  according to Jimmy Swaggart ministries  travel to Baton Rouge for 15 services  over the course of four days aired live over Swaggart’s network.
Nearly 25 years later Jimmy Swaggart’s  ministry and career has come full circle, starting out with just a half hour  program on the radio in the 1950’s, and moving to his heyday of telecasts in the  late 70’s and 80’s which saw Swaggart fill auditoriums and stadiums to capacity.  After a downfall the pentecostal minister has returned to television now 24/7  and on a path to be reaching every single home in America as Swaggart’s ministry  announces new cables weekly. Jimmy Swaggart is clearly making a comeback.”



25 thoughts on “The resurrection of Jimmy Swaggart

  1. Anyone familiar with God’s word knows that many of the greatest servants of God were also sinners at times. We all have sinned and fallen short. Because Jimmy Swaggert made some serious mistakes and sinned doesn’t mean he can’t be forgiven, nor does it mean he can’t still effectively preach the Gospel. If that were the case, men like David, Paul, and Moses could not have accomplished what they did. Calling someone a hypocrite who openly before God and man admitted their sin and asked to be forgiven, may indeed show more hypocrisy. Swaggert has helped lead many souls to Jesus, and still does. That’s because it’s the message…not the messenger. If we expect God’s forgiveness, we must also forgive.

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  2. “Who are we to judge.”

    Ask Jimmy. He likes judging people.

    From one of Jimmy’s programs…..

    Swaggart said: “I’m trying to find the correct name for it … this utter absolute, asinine, idiotic stupidity of men marrying men. … I’ve never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry. And I’m gonna be blunt and plain; if one ever looks at me like that, I’m gonna kill him and tell God he died.”

    The remarks were met with applause from his congregation.


  3. I love Jimmy Swaggart Ministry with a passion. When the world was making noise about him in the past, I always said let anyone without sin throw the first stone. Who are we to judge. I watch him in worship, preaching, teachings of pastor Larson. God bless you my spiritual fathet from youth, now 64yrs and still buyin your music.


  4. The Bible says “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel.” I guess people believe it will not cost a thing to spread the gospel.


  5. A false teacher is known by false doctrine. Jimmy swaggart may have fallen public ally in the past. Yet has now obtained grace and mery from God to restore him. Perhaps God should have dethroned king David after falling according to some of the pharaseeical critics on here. On no he lived a kings life after repenting and was called a man after Gods own heart. We are all work in progress and we all win and fall short of the glory of God. Thankyou lord for the cross where your grace and mery frees us from all of our past sins the blood cleanses all that will come through repentance and faith in the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  6. I also want to say that I have seen jimmy in his office praying with people at one in the morning and francious runs the admine building. So yes the actually work for there money. Most people don’t realize what being a preacher is. Its not just a few days a week. Its all day all night every day. And the clothes they have they buy and the person who does there makeup is a member I’d the church who also works there. Everything they do they do it themselves. Jesus didn’t have to ask for money because if he needed it. Then it would just appear. That’s not how a ministry works. And a radio station doesn’t cost near as much as TV radio and internet


  7. I would like people to understand all they have to pay for before they say they are rich. Its really a lot. They have to pay all the workers and for the school they have. The tuition is one of the lowest nation wide for a private school. They also have to pay for maintenance and cleaning and all the bills. Gas when going to mexico like they do every month or so it all adds up and yeah they need all the money they ask for. Someimes things don’t always get done because we are a few thousand short. I go to this church and both my mom and grandmother work there. They know the financis and when I saw some of it its kinda Scarry how much they have to pay for. And they ask for money. Because they continually increase the amount of coverage. BTW they also all have job. Gave works next to me grandmother! I use to see him everyday after school playing with his basketball at his desk and eating Hershey’s kisses in his socks. They are just average people. They also make more money because of the personal CDs they sell. They actually have a career. None if the money they ask for on TV goes to thee wallet. Just so y’all know.


  8. God restores those who truly repent. I have heard His message and it is right on. Haith in Christ and Christ alone. Thank god for mercy and grace when we fall.


  9. I say Let God Be the Judge, as for me I will continue to pray and listen to the Swaggerts and their followers. I LOVE THEIR STYLE, and I praise God for this ministry!


  10. C aroline says
    Why are people thinking that the swaggarts are in it for the money only / I do not believe so if you really know God and have a personal experience with him you would not allow cynicism to take you over’ For me personally I love SBN I live in Jamaica watch every sunday and hope the day will come when I CAN GO TO CAMP MEETINGS in Baton rouge/ I love the church and I pray that God will keep meeting the needs of these people through me and others’ I am glad they are here in this world’


  11. Right on SM

    I still hold that if a tele-preacher cannot believe for the funds to run his television preaching then he should get out fast. Jesus said that our needs would be met. Jesus didn’t say to beg and beg for money off the poorer and the unsaved to promote more preaching that begs and begs for money. Basically the preaching is there so that they can ask for more money.

    If a preacher has to beg/ask for money from the unsaved then he should ask himself if in fact he should doing that preaching. Where have we got any example of Jesus asking for money off those he preached to. In fact we see Jesus giving material blessing to those he preached to. The crowd at the mount was hungry and thirsty, so what did Jesus do? Did he take up an offering and tell his disciples to buy food and drink at the market and bring it back? NO he used his FAITH and multiplied the sustenance of a youngin and fed the crowd.

    When the tele-preachers claim that there are more people watching or they are reaching more people each week, they base that on the increase of the money rolling in. (or just lie). I’m sure Mr 375 doesn’t understand the business of tele-preaching and how its designed to make money and uses the concept of “without growth its failing”.

    $5 million dollar TV bill, wow, in this day the internet could reach 100-10,000 times more people for 1/1000 the cost and be affordable for any reasonably sized “church” (no need for large one). Even youtube would allow them to “broadcast” for FREE.

    But will these tele-preachers do that, well not until they can work out a way to keep those donations coming in. And if Mr 375 doesn’t believe it can be done, then he would have to ignore those who ARE already doing it without trying to become wealthy.

    I predict that the wealthy tele-preacher is a dying breed. It will become internet based and free to air based unless the tele-preachers can devise a way to make the viewers pay.


  12. Wow just wow, the anger you present. I doubt from that you can see the forest for the trees.

    Get your head into the Word. Learn it, live it, and evaluate what is being preached to you as Paul (to the Corinthians) and the other apostles (Acts) praised those who sought out the Word to see if the preaching was correct.

    Where did I say live in poverty? Its amazing how you as a Christian who believes he can criticise me, will not allow me to criticise a person who supposedly preaches the Word, but lives like the rich and kings and aloft from the ordinary person. You have taken my condemning the love of money and claimed I said we should live in poverty. Black and white anyone.

    I’m interested in your idea of poverty You know drive an old car, live in your 2 bedroom house for 40 years, wear the same old clothes year after year did you know most of the born again christians in the world would consider that a blessed lifestyle, maybe you should open your eyes and realise that many christians are living in real poverty and not your lower middle class lifestyle.

    It would be “nice” to live in mansions, drive expensive cars that cost as much as a house, but what of my brothers and sisters who live day-to-day without being certain of a meal. Has God forsaken them as you imply/say? No what does Jesus say about loving our brothers and sisters. Read the Word and find out what God says about that. Guess I can hear you already say God blesses and would not let a faithful person have less than a 3 bedroom+study house with 2 cars (not more than 2 years old), with a condo/house on the beach.

    Well keep your running after riches in this life and I will remain with my blessed life that has the joy of the Lord in favour of your blessed life with earthly treasure. BTW at this time I live in a house with 4 bedrooms, but they are all used. That is I need a 4 bedroom house for my family, but I expect that in fact I will move to a 2 bedroom house if or when I only need that.

    All your name calling, anger, bitterness and brow beating doesn’t change the fact that americian tele-preachers have so much more than they ever will need in 3 lifetimes. Go and see what Jesus said about our needs being met. He said more than met, but nowhere does He say or imply that our lifetime needs would all be met all at once and 3 or more times over as Jimmy is (or the other tele-preachers who as many times Jimmy). No they got rich off the sheep who listen to them.


  13. Maybe I don’t have a ministry as Jimmy, because I do not crave money and attention.

    If you did indeed look up his salary, then why did you not say it? I took the news article at face value that they did find out the amount. Why don’t you educate us instead of brow beating me with your “christian love”

    It is obvious to the observer that Jimmy likes the high life with his very expensive life style and how he still draws a significant salary, even though his personal wealth will keep him in a lifestyle that few ever experience.

    As to Consistently condeming a man after nearly 23 years, I use your term “HOGWASH”. Show me where over 23 years, or now, that I have consistently condemned the man. I saw his hypocrisy back then with his “stage show” repentance only to be caught out again. How he refused to accept church discipline as it was given out. And how he loves to live the life only money can give him. And now he is back for a “top up”

    Then to have you condemn me, probably a person half my age, only tops the cake.

    Maybe a little God given intelligence educated with the Word of God might allow you to shine the light onto the deeds of Jimmy and many other tele-preachers that fleece the sheep so often.


  14. How ridiculous is this statement. Wake up “GOOFY” it cost millions to put these programs on the air. Do you think Dish Network, Direct TV, Sky Angel, or any of the other cable systems Son Life Broadcasting airs on is giving the ministry free air time?? How could they produce the funds to run the ministry?? No single church could afford the 5 million plus it takes SBN each month to be on the air so they have to raise the funds to stay on the air. As for my family and my church the SBN programs and the live services are a tremendous blessing to us. In all reality your entitled to your Godless opinion and sitting in judgement of another brother is dangerous (IF YOU ARE A CHRISTiAN) and you should repent immediately and let all that unforgiveness go away. Remember Jesus didn’t have a 5 million dollar TV bill . Also God knew well in advance he would use TV to reach the masses to preach the his word and nothing less.Where in the scriptures does it say we should live in pverty as you suggest?? Does not God bless his people. You know drive an old car, live in your 2 bedroom house for 40 years, wear the same old clothes year after year, what type of Jesus are you serving?? No I do not believe in that prosperity message “Give me a $1000.00 and God will pay off your mortgage” I also agree that many televangelist live way too high off the hog. We could name several but Swaggart does not fall into this group. I know the on going scandal at TBN gives good Christian ministries a bad name. Their extravagent and lavish lifestyle off the backs of their doners is sickening to say the least but do not associate that with every ministry. i am truly grateful you are not are a member in my church.


  15. It appears to me that you are not a Christian from reading your words. You fail to mention Bro Swaggart has sold 16 million albums and turned all the profits back over to the ministry. When a Christian falls we are to restore him and lift him up in prayer. Consistently condeming a man after nearly 23 years has passed is an extremely non-forgiving heart to say the least. We should be rejoicing Bro Swaggart has gone forward with his Christian life and look how God uses this brother at 77 years old. I surely am blessed with this ministry and watch SBN daily and we are so grtaeful God isusing this network to “PREACH THE CROSS” which is so desperately needed in the church. You know as well as anyone the Swaggarts are not making $600,000.00 per year “HOGWASH”. preachers salaries are made available thru the IRS and yes you can find this out yourself as I did. Jealously is a dangerous thing to have in your heart. Have you ever asked God why you have not been used as Bro Swaggart and his family have????God uses us differently in his kingdom and I am sure God has ministry for you but with so much hate and jealously in your heart against the Swaggart family you will need to repent and spend some time in prayer. Somehow you need to find away in your heart to forgive Bro Swaggart and move forward spending so much time in judgement of your brothers is not only against all the Bible stands for but surely can’t be healthy spiritually.


  16. Yes it would be good to see these well-to-do preachers refuse a salary. (I never did really listen to much of their music, but I have heard it was good.)

    I did know one in the 70’s that did radio preaching, paid for the time himself and refused to even mention money, let alone ask for it and taught sound doctrine to boot. If anyone wanted to give they would have had to contact the radio station and obtain his contact info. He simply believed that if God wanted him to continue then the money would be given without having to ask the listeners for it. (ie christians giving as they purposed in their hearts).

    Could anyone even imagine Jesus asking for money because it costs this or that to preach that sermon on the mount. Or ask for money because that last supper was going to cost a heap for the room and food. No we see from scripture that Jesus led a modest live, not living in wealth like these millionaire preachers do with their mansions, expensive cars and so on.

    We saw Jesus feeding the masses (yea I know it was a miracle) at the mount. Turing the water into good wine. All without taking up a offering or asking for donations. We do not see Jesus asking for money and one time when he needed money for taxes he got it from the mouth of a fish. Actually matthew 17:24-27 shows that Jesus did not have enough money for the tribute and differs with those who believed that Jesus was wealthy (money wise). What if some of these tele-preachers lived a bit more like Jesus really did, instead of claiming so often they strive to be like Jesus but live like the rich men who know not God.

    To those misunderstanding what I said – Of course I don’t mean all preachers should live without a place to live, no money etc. But I am saying these millionaire preachers are so far from what the scriptures say that one has to wonder if they preach for Jesus or for their own profit.


  17. Old Dude – true.

    Given that lay Christians all over the world are asked to serve churches and ministries for free in their spare time, it would be really nice to see a TV preacher who already has a few million also do the same. And yeah, the wives are usually on salaries higher than doctor’s.

    I like the old time gospel music though… and I still think it’d be cool to see Jimmy and Jerry Lee do a duet. (Though it goes without saying who the better pianist is!)


  18. Old Dude, if you follow the money trail, just about everyone in ministry on TV is going to look bad. They all have extremely nice salaries from what I can see.

    Mostly agree, there have been some that did/do not ask for donations at all. But they are not the American tele-preachers like Jimmy S. & others. These preachers tickle the ear, say the right things for their audiences. Some audiences want to hear fire&brimstone, and others want to hear the softly softly (hill$ong). In any case whatever style they use, as long as they have the personality and showmanship then people will watch and send them money.

    As we saw with Jimmy S. their lives did/do not match their preaching. Jimmy S. is not alone in this. And the only other constant is that they want money and provide the show for it.

    Personally I do not watch television preaching because it is typically sound byte theology that tickles the ear and does nothing for ones personal walk with God. Unless one feels that the warm&fuzzies is getting closer with God. Actually calling it sound byte theology is perhaps being kind to some/many of them, since it implies that there is actually some truth and valid theology involved.

    Here is a good question to ask yourself. If they are indeed called of God to preach on TV, then would they do it if ALL they received was average wage & no perks???? (stage clothes&makeup supplied) In other words do they do it because God wants them to, or because it pays so damn well.

    Jimmy S. “retired” with $millions$ and is now receiving more per year from his TV shows/entertainment than most will have to retire on. And his wife receives similar, and since I don’t watch, I don’t know if she does anything for that wage. There is such a thing as being blessed and there is getting rich off the backs of christians who often are not well off. Jimmy S. maybe better than Joel O. in not taking such a large wage, but it is still larger per year than most will ever see in their super.


  19. Old Dude, if you follow the money trail, just about everyone in ministry on TV is going to look bad. They all have extremely nice salaries from what I can see.

    In the end, nobody has to give them any money. btw, I could listen to Jimmy S a lot longer than I could to his son.


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