Jim Bakker’s newest scam

The Daily Mail reports…

“Televangelist Jim Bakker, known best for losing his multi-million dollar empire amid a sex and embezzlement scandal, is building his new brand around the end of the world.

The disgraced pastor is now selling pricey cordless generators and survivalist food packs on his website in an effort to help earn money to pay off his debts to the IRS.

The most unusual item on the docket are the collection of enema kits for sale, perhaps in a nod to his late wife Tammy Faye who died after a long battle with colon cancer in 2007.

Bakker made headlines in the 1980s when he and his wife Tammy Faye took the airwaves by storm with their Christian evangelical broadcast and development of the Praise The Lord Television Network.

After amassing millions of viewers and becoming household names, their fortunes turned when Jim was accused of raping then-21-year-old secretary Jessica Hahn. He denied the charges, saying that their sex was consensual, and they settled out of court.

However, an indictment for fraud and conspiracy was what landed him in jail for six years.

Those charges accused him of keeping millions from the donation money his company accrued, and later sought after by the IRS for $6million in tax liens dating back to the 1980s.

Tammy Faye divorced Bakker while he was in jail, and a few years after his 1994 release, he married his new wife Lori.

Together, the new Mrs and Mr Bakker have begun their own television program and ensuing product line.

Among his books is Prosperity And The Coming Apocalypse, in which he touts his belief in the undetermined return of Jesus, and urges his followers to be prepared.

In that vein, he and his wife are selling a number of apocalypse-themed products aimed at helping their fans prepare, while undoubtedly helping earn back some of the money he still owes the government.

Emergency room and board kits- that cost $500 or $1,000 a pop- are for sale, along with foldable fuel-less generators for $1,700 and packages of long-lasting food supplies.

The Jerry Jones Special is an unusual $2,000 grouping of 37 buckets of corn, green beans, tomato flakes and raspberries that are said to provide enough ingredients for 480 meals.

He even has an entire section dedicated to health products, including a variety of vitamins, protein shakes and exercise equipment.

The strangest by far is the so-called ‘Silver Solution’ enema kits, selling for $100.

‘He appears to have no shame. He’s milking his worshippers for “end of the world” products and enemas too, which is bizarre,’ a source told The National Enquirer.”

From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2145334/Televangelist-Jim-Bakker-selling-ENEMA-KITS-apocalyptic-survivalist-gear-pay-IRS.html

32 thoughts on “Jim Bakker’s newest scam

  1. The mainstream media, Hollywood, late night shows just make things up. If there’s nothing to report on they’ll attack Melania over her clothes or whether she held Trumps hand. You the insanity is yours. If you were a journalist in the mainstream media you’d be attacking Trump everyday.
    And ignoring Mad Maxine Waters the wealthy lady who can’t clean the garbage off the streets of her district, Pocahontas Warren the fake Indian who absolutely refuses to take a DNA test, Obama who recently raved insanely about himself (We,we, we, we, we, we, we, ….Man that guy can’t speak without a TelePrompTer) and don’t get us started on Crooked Hillary who is somewhere drunk blaming her loss on Tasmanian tides or something.

    Your politics is insane enough. Americans are doing better than ever. Fix your own country first Fat Man.


  2. Exactly. That black buffoon was in for eight years. Should have changed him after 2 not 4.

    On the other hand, in two years Mr Trump has revitalized the economy. After4 years he can go and retire.

    Just one thing – some people have cleaner underwear than others.


  3. Just as one regularly changes one’s underpants, a country needs to freshen its leaders from time to time. There is nothing worse than having an old, skid-marked president hanging around for four years like a bad smell.


  4. Mrs Melly Suff, I totally agree with you.

    The same people who believe in that probably believe that Bernie Sanders understands economics and James Comey didn’t know that Anthony Weiner was married to Hillary Clinton’s sidekick, and that he honestly believed it was ethical to let Hillary delete tens of thousands of emails, destroy iphones, and get millions through the infamous Clinton Foundation. There are really dumb people out there.

    By the way, good to see you got rid of that Turnball character, You Australian like changing Prime Ministers don’t you?


  5. If Jim Bakkers life bothers you I find that you didnt check your Bible or talk to God. Millions who look to the Word of God agree that end imes are upon us. Preparing comes instinctively. So before speaking accusations why not just stock up and help us all sharing ideas? No good comes from accusing falsely just as Jesus said.


  6. Jesus is the truth, the life, and the way. He flipped the tables over in the church of those selling ‘gift offerings’. “My Fathers house shall be a house of prayer, not a den of thieves!” Jim Bakker and those like him…. Jesus said, “do not worry about what you will eat or wear, for these things all the nations of the world require, and your Father in heaven knows how to give you what you need.” Remember the Israelites in the wilderness that didn’t believe in Gods ability to sustain them always took more than their fair share of the manna God dropped…and didn’t those ones not enter the promise land? Read your bibles so thieves cannot steal the treasure of godly wisdom. For in fear and trust of God is rest. Jesus said his yoke is easy… Do not worry! Do not race toward that which is perishing. Run to Jesus! Think spiritually, not like flesh thinks. Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and he will sustain you.


  7. I read all the comments here and one thing I must do is correct someone here who stated that Jim does not believe that Jesus will return. Not true. One thing for sure, this man does know the Bible. He is always telling people to repent, to get prepared for the return of Jesus. No, neither Jim or Lori has had plastic surgery. He is very much supported by many in the Christian faith, people who have stood with him thru all of his trials. Jim is the pioneer of Christian Television. I’m sure God has forgiven Jim, that is what we all want, forgiveness. I still watch his program. Another correction, I have purchased 20 year shelf life food from Jim and other companies. I now purchase directly from Food For Health. Actually, you get more bang for your buck from Jim’s offers, although he is curtailing throwing in extra free offers with orders. I just get tired of the selling. Most television Christian programming promotes products to sell to be able to pay the bill to stay on television. I love learning from Prophacy, and many of Jim’s guest are prophecy teachers. Jesus teaches us He does not want us to be caught unaware concerning the end of days. I’m maybe a tad too critical towards Jim’s selling, but I’m not going to condemn him.


  8. He may be a scumbag who is certainly milking his worshippers, but, his sheep are stupid enough to listen to him. Sometimes ya just gotta shake your head and walk away..


  9. I’ve been watching Jim’s program since they were in the building in Branson. At first I found Jim to be straight forward about his past and repentant of it. Today, I was actually yelling at him to SHUT UP! His guest today is John Shorey from Arizona, a Prep’r who hears from God. For someone who claims to be shy, he sure run’s his mouth non stop, hardly giving his guest time to speak their reason for visiting his program. What gets to me, is all of the non stop promoting of products being sold to support Jim’s Ministry, and done in the spirit of fear mongering, the end is near, and one should be prepared to live thru some tough stuff.
    Now they break away from the program to sell, then when they come back to the program, Jim runs his mouth still promoting products. he is always bringing up Lori’s past, like it was more bad than his, she is very humble when Jim run his mouth about her past. I think he is loosing his grip, as he surrounds himself with people who jump in to help him finish his thought process. So, why do I watch? I like the guest most of all, I like Lori’s perspective on life, I also believe in Restoration, Rehabilitation as what was promoted on Jim’s
    Program when I first started watching. I do not finically support his program.


  10. In the last days, there will be “scoffers” and spiritual warfare. All of you know, looking at the world around you, that something is going on. If you read your Bible, and stop ‘opininating’ those speaking of the last days, perhaps you can learn something. Not all “saved” Christians are spreading false doctrine. The Holy Spirit in you, will let you recognize ‘false prophets’. In the last days the Bible speaks of a “falling away”. This is the church leaders of the planet falling to the devils
    desire that is supposed to “deceive” many. Read and pray with your Bible, the “message” from God
    and forget all this nonsense. Who do you trust? The Holy Spirit will tell you.


  11. Boy, I see only fools defending him and his cronies, this is where they make their money, and you fools open your pocket books, you deserve exactly what you get.


  12. No, most of them cost more! most of all the food boxes, can be bought thru Food4Health or other sites at 1/2 the cost and free shipping. He’s doing the same thing he tried before, building a little city for himself by putting fear into the people who watch him. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!! HURRY and buy my food and all the other stuff tht will save you! What about, trusting and leaning on Jesus! What ever happened to God is our source for all things. FEAR tolerated is FAITH contaminated! (Life point). His program airs more than any other Christian program, on all the stations..Do you have any idea, what tht costs? anywhere except Inspiration and they’re no better. Yes, he has a few good, solid people tht tell the truth, but they r few and far between! Most of them r doomsday preppers tht hear from God..PLS..God does not put fear into His people! Wake up bcuz Bakker’s city is going to come tumbling down. And people r being deceived! And as far as judging him, I wish you people would quit taking tht scripture out of context. Read above and below tht scripture. No, we cannot judge anyone’s hearts but we sure can judge the sin! As far as watching his show, I don’t, except to see what he’s plying on now..A couple years ago, he ripped me off, but giving it to God, God worked it for the good for the one’s tht love Him (me) not so much bakker, so w/o going into detail, I came out better and bakker just another tarnish on his already scandelous reputation. Lastly, if he cared for the souls of people, why doesn’t he EVER invite people to receive Christ into their lives???!!!!! Blessings to you all!


  13. I remember when Bakker went back on the air in Branson, he was crying poor, saying he had to start selling stuff on TV again to make ends meet.

    He seems to be raking it in now with this ‘end-times-nutter’ stuff he’s peddling.

    I’ll take a closer look at him.

    A shame, because I read his book ‘I Was Wrong’ about his stint in prison and thought it was pretty good.

    Now, he seems to be worse than his PTL days.


  14. Heard a good sermon on the woman’s mite and the anger God feels when hucksters like Bakker take from those who have the least. Bakker has acquired much wealth again. He has no shame, go to his website and you will see pictures of his fancy condo at his Morningside community. The community is fashioned after his first scam ministry in NC. Also, see the pictures of him on his fancy speed boat, pontoon, and his big lake home in Branson Missouri. He takes his family and employees on numerous expensive vacations. He and his wife have had many plastic surgeries, they spend thousands of $’s on clothes. Bakker bought his wife a fancy car under the Morningside “ministry” account. He does not claim an income. Lori draws a nice check from the “ministry” though. Nothing is in Jim’s name so he can avoid paying what he owes to the IRS. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. The “ministry” is in his mother in laws name, along with Jerry Crawford. Jerry Crawford is the person who fronted the money needed to put this huckster back in business. What a shame, these kind of crooks have been around for the ages. The scriptures are clear, those who exploit the poor and the widow will face God’s wrath. Jim Bakker seems to think he’s above God’s laws. One thing is true hell is not equal, there will be a big price to pay because he has victimized many. Do not be fooled, God hates this kind of garbage parading as though it’s a Biblical ministry.


  15. Who are you people to judge this man, or anyone?? You hypocrites. God speaks to me all the time. God’s word speaks of people like you. They’re called Pharisees!


  16. All prophecies need to be checked against the bible and for JB to profess that he doesn’t believe that Jesus will return is a clear indication of his falseness! My mother-in-law who claims to have a straight line to God is enamored by him and it is scary to see how she is pouring money into this charlatan’s ministry.


  17. He has many well know guests on his show that are established in the ministry.

    Yeah like this dimwit who advocates martial law and a military takeover.

    But he hears from God as well! Like Jim does! A false profit!

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    Btw you’re better off getting comfort from watching Star Trek or Big Bang Theory.

    There’s as much God in them. Probably more.


  18. I haven’t sent him a dime. Why do you care if you don’t like him, are you the money monitor for those who find comfort and enjoyment in his program, it is up to an individual to make that decision and I am not a gullible fool. He has many well know guests on his show that are established in the ministry.


  19. If you do your homework you will find that the products sold on the show are actually bargains compared to what is offered in the open market. Many different advertisements in the media are selling prepper products including National Geographic. I find Mr. Baker to be sincere in his believes and if you think otherwise you don’t have to watch his show.


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