Benny Hinn uses wife’s reconciliation to beg for money

Christian Today reports…

Popular televangelist Benny Hinn has officially announced that he and his former wife are on the path to reconciliation after the couple decided two years ago to end their 30-year marriage.

“Our God is a God of restoration and reconciliation,” Hinn said in a statement.

“The cross is the ultimate symbol of His unending yearning to reconcile man to God and will be our only hope for healing. I know, for I experienced this healing when I gave my heart to my precious Master Jesus so many years ago; but I have experienced His healing touch more recently when He began His glorious healing work in my own family, as the process of restoration in my marriage has begun.”

The charismatic leader revealed that the reconciliation process had started over Christmas.

Suzanne Hinn separated from Benny Hinn in January 2010 and filed a petition for divorce in Orange County Superior Court the following month citing irreconcilable differences, court papers revealed…….”



Benny Hinn writes…

“It all began at Christmas when we were together at Suzanne’s house in Orlando, Florida. Suzanne and I and all of our children and grandchildren were there. It was a beautiful day I will never forget, and that is when the Lord began to do His mighty work.

Suzanne and I want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for praying for us and our family. The Lord has surely answered your prayers! Suzanne and I are more in love with each other than ever before.

The covenant we made with God more than 30 years ago was never broken in His sight. Both of us believe our greatest days are ahead and the best is yet to come.

The last three years have been very painful for Suzanne and me and for the children—more painful than we can ever explain or describe. Suzanne and I will share much more with you in a future letter and soon on This Is Your Day. Please be watching next Thursday and Friday, June 7–8.

Our marriage died for two reasons. One, I, Benny Hinn, was married to the ministry, not realizing it was killing my marriage. And two, Suzanne started taking certain prescription medications to help her cope with some of her personal struggles. She became dependant on those for nearly 15 years, and those medications made her behave erratically at times. As her husband, I did not know what kinds of medicine she was taking or realize what they were doing to her.

What I want you to know is that she was totally set free from the need for these medications in 2011. And today she is completely whole. And for that I give the Lord the praise.

The truth of the matter is that Suzanne filed for divorce because she was crying out for help. The divorce most certainly woke me up, and the Lord used it to show me—as a man of God and as a man—that I cannot function properly without my wife and family.

Not only did our family suffer as a result, but the ministry also suffered greatly. Many partners walked away, not realizing or knowing what took place and why. But I believe that the Lord is restoring not just my family but also the ministry.

I need you as my partner today more than ever. And I promise you I will continue to preach the Gospel with all my heart and with Suzanne at my side. She and I will travel the world together, ministering the Gospel and the power of God. And we both believe that God will not only save lives and heal bodies but will also heal families. God is no respecter of persons, and if He did it for us, He will do it for others.

Because of our experience, God will do more with us in the future.

I need to hear from you today. Again thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for your prayers and financial support. And I’m asking you again today to help Suzanne and me to continue serving the Lord as we must. We have many crusades planned oversees and in the U.S., and we must keep the ministry strong through television, crusades, and helping the needy around the world.

I await your response today and pray the Lord will bless you and keep you as the apple of His eye, hiding you under the shadow of His wings, meeting all your needs—spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially—and blessing your family and home, bringing glory to His name,

Benny Hinn”


18 thoughts on “Benny Hinn uses wife’s reconciliation to beg for money

  1. God is preparing the couple to help the families who are faced by challenges.

    That’s right for a $10 000, $5 000, $2 000 or $1 000 donation per month, your marriage will be blessed just by planting that seed. (The amount of blessing will depend on the size of the donation – cos that’s how God is).

    Wow. What a lurk.


  2. God is preparing the couple to help the families who are faced by challenges. Reconciliation was a huge step as the devil was very near whispering negative decison. may the good god sustain your marriage.


  3. The main cause for their marriage problem was ben hinn’s abandonment of his family which begins with his wife. If he is honest he wants things to work out he should go on vacation with his wife and put the preaching on hold.otherwise the story will repeat itself. worse still,suzanne might get a nervous breakdown due to unkept promises. Eh,life can be cruel.


  4. Pastor Binn and his wife did the same thing years ago she didn’t won’t to be apart of the ministry back then per them just a lot of games they need to go sit down and get it right with God Almighty the true and living God. Smh


  5. unless someone helps him keep his money I’m afraid its all going to pissed against the wall inside of 12 months and he’ll probably end up dead. He’s homeless and he want’t to buy a car – which is good, it will give him transport and some protection from the elements to sleep in – but is it necessarily the best thing he cold do with his money?

    I felt sad for the guy – everyone wants him to win out of this, and God please let that eb so – but I’ve seen this before with peopoe who are homeless who have a windfall – friends come out of teh woodowrk to help them spend the money and in a matter of months its all gone. the only hope is if someone acts as his gaurdian until such time as he can manage the money himself.


  6. He did not ask for money. Do people hate him that much? The title says so but the words and gestures do not. I pray that they may stay together. It is better preaching if He loves his wife than if He speaks about love. Personally i hope Benny Hinn will read this and take some three months off preaching and take His wife out to have FUN. There are many people he can raise to do the ministry He has been doing while he loves his wife. if he has raised no one to take over his ministry, then i am afraid he has failed. RAISE a Joshua sir, so that you can go on vacation and silence the mouth of these haters by doing good. i love you sir. God bless.


  7. Are you dumb or looking for things to attack others here with?

    If you hadn’t noticed we are discussing the blog topic which is the particular announcement/vid.

    If there is more to the story then how about the reference to it instead of just attacking. Educate us Bill rather than just attack. Or do you love this false prophet and lap up everything he says as if he is the apple of God’s eye.


  8. For the haters . Hinn actually published a message on his website that was read by myself and millions taking 100% blame for his failed marriage
    Of course the haters wouldn’t know that or would care as they are driven by unforgiveness and lack of God’s love
    Evil hearted people will always find evil it is their nature


  9. Right on! I see no mention at all by Hinn of his being caught by the National Enquirer coming out of a hotel in Rome holding hands wwith Paula White. It is all Suzanne’s fault.


  10. Just continue to keep your gaze off the truth Bill, while you do the very thing you claim I’m doing.

    gay agenda Oh goody goody, Bill’s favourite phrase, and he loves trotting it out even in unrelated blog entries. He pins so much on it but is unable to articulate what it actually is. How is that going Bill? Found any references to the “gay agenda”? Or can you only find claims by others of a gay agenda. Parrot Parrot Parrot, Bill said it enough it must be true. Doesn’t work that way Bill does it.

    Actually Bill it is becoming more obvious that you are the one filled with hate, turning the blind eye to christian principles. You’re straight out lied, you’ve misrepresented articles, scripture, what others & myself have said, refused to back up your attacks and when called on those lies & attacks you just attack more. Tell me why anyone should consider you trustworthy. Its no wonder you support others who also do the same and cannot see that you cannot be the “Salt of the earth” doing such things.

    Seriously Bill can’t you see through this sham statement by Benny? And yes Bill I do seriously feel for Benny and his wife’s pain over their separation, but I also see the other side of them and their greed. The scripture actually tells us to expose bad doctrine, like Benny’s greed and money doctrines.

    Try again Bill, maybe one day through your random attacks on others in this forum you will actually get it right.


  11. Old Dude tries to express compassion towards Benny but you can see the knife slipping in as he smiles.
    Alas he turns a blind eye to the gay agenda but has no mercy for those he dislikes

    Et tu Brutus


  12. Note:

    I do understand the pain that the two must have gone through in this whole process and I’m always glad when 2 separated people reconcile. Separation is a painful time. It was the nature of this announcement that sounded fake with the blame placed on the wife and begging for money – how hollow


  13. Nah the admission of drug use by the wife was more likely to show Benny as blameless. He only admitted to doing God’s work (ministry) too much, what a hero he is …. not

    Sounds like a carefully prepared announcement that blames his wife for everything, drug use and wanting more of Benny’s time than he was giving her, Many still see “doing God’s work (ministry)” as more important than satisfying a “needy” wife who should toughen up and play second fiddle to God’s work when she married a minister. (NOTE: I believe that a minister has to attend to his family and not put them in second place).

    Doubt that the announcement was based on truth and the wife took the fall as long as Benny asked specially for more money. Cynical I know, but the whole idea of begging for money when announcing reconciliation to ones life partner is worse and points to the truth lying elsewhere.


  14. Good news.

    And maybe they can just be honest and transparent like this. i.e. Who would have dreamed going by what he preached and how he presented his life to the world that he was due to get divorced and his wife was addicted to stuff.

    So maybe people can listen to him without him trying to make out he is some super apostle.
    He’s just a very naughty boy like the rest of us.


  15. I have to say that Suzanne Hinn looks great! It looks like she has lost some weight as well.


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