Hill$ong slippery as Eels

The Daily Telegraph reports…

“In early August, Israel Folau was plotting his escape from the AFL at the Hillsong churches in Baulkham Hills and Campbelltown.

Folau was spotted talking to incoming Parramatta coach Ricky Stuart, and on another occasion deep in talks with league player agents who do not represent him.

The 23-year-old was miserable in his new code, and wanted desperately to play for the Eels. It is where his younger brother John is playing, and the area where he spent his childhood years with friend Jarryd Hayne.

It wasn’t odd to see Folau – a Mormon – at Hillsong ceremonies because many followers of both denominations have cross-over friendships and socialise after prayers.

But Folau’s meetings to orchestrate his release from GWS did raise suspicion among some patrons.

On August 11, GWS were smashed 109-79 by Gold Coast – the Suns’ first home victory – which relegated the Giants to last place on the ladder. Folau was adamant he had to return to league for his own sanity, and the next afternoon met with an agent in the Baulkham Hills Hillsong church to discuss his future.

He also phoned another agent famous for freeing players from contracts.

Then Stuart began showing up at Hillsong gatherings.

Folau was so keen to join the Eels he was prepared to sign for one season just to prove himself, but his manager Isaac Moses was also in discussions with the Bulldogs.

After Folau spoke with Stuart, he was adamant that was where his future lay.

Early this week he arranged a sit-down with Stuart, which took place on Wednesday, and events unfolded rapidly….”

From http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/israel-folaus-great-escape-plan-was-hatched-at-hillsong-church/story-fndujljl-1226508695164


16 thoughts on “Hill$ong slippery as Eels

  1. Have you ever heard the statement “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers”!!! This is a great example of that statement ring true as SMH has a completely contradictory article in relation to his spiritual beliefs. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-sport/folau-content-after-ditching-mormonism-20111108-1n597.html

    So who is right and who is wrong? Is he a mormon or not? The only thing we seem to be sure about article is beginning to smell a little bogus.

    Yet again this blog is mis-representating church’s/people from articles that are poor pieces of journalism and “back-yard theology video” jobs. At least come up with an article that holds to some sort of standard of professionalism and who’s journalist get the facts straight before raving on about something completely not true.

    p.s. Go the Bronco’s!!!! and may Israel put on some bulk because he looked like an AFL player at our game of muck around touch the other day with Haines, Seffa and the Hillsong boys.


  2. Israel, return to Yahweh your God,
    for you have stumbled in your sin.
    Take words of repentance with you
    and return to the Lord.
    Say to Him: “Forgive all our sin
    and accept what is good,
    so that we may repay You
    with praise from our lips


  3. Interesting thought there Bones.
    I’d be happy to see Israel back in State of Origin. There’s rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents.


  4. Lionfish, I’ve put up with the most vile blasphemy and sacrilege on this website, but you just took it to another level. What a disgraceful post! AFL? Not saying it’s sin…but, come on.

    I see it more like Israel being the prodigal son.


  5. Get lost, Hill$ong. Eels are still gonna get the spoon and Israel will have a sulk that he didn’t join a successful team like the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs.

    Btw if Hill$ong invested in the Eels, there’s no way they could fail. After all if God is for us, who can be against. I mean God would want them to be successful wouldn’t He? No?


  6. Q writes “Anyway, the real good news is that Israel is coming back to the real football!”

    St Peter wrote about these things …. “A DOG RETURNS TO ITS OWN VOMIT,” and, “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire.”

    AFL is God’s own code.


  7. An absolutely non issue. He could have spoken to some bloke in an adjoining public toilet cubicle and it would still have the same relevance


  8. I wonder if Brian Houston is going to buy the Eels?

    Ricky Stuart at Hillsong?

    Who ever thought they’d see the day when league guys do their wheeling and dealing at a pentecostal church? Revival is here!


  9. I will add to MY anonymous post to add, that satan is looking for more theologians to spread more theories about ME. but I did tell you about them using MY money to advertise saying that Jesus will save you. THE ADS SHOULD READ: that JESUS said the FATHER is not nice, but fair. and those that look upon HIS face in HEAVEN WILL TRULY DIE.


  10. the crystal cathedral trial is going to be held in the wrong place also.

    if a u.s. bankruptcy court is handling this case and it involves any sort of copy writes they will consider the fact that any person who uses GODS name is stealing.

    if the clerics do not know when the earth was destroyed, then they are the antichrist that every christian preaches about.
    it was 2008.

    they were things from china news that every person on the earth should have recognized. denoting that miracles were being performed some where, making all religions false to the the point that even china should have asked. all churches tell the people that they are taking money to GOD. GOD has received nothing from them ever. china got sucked in also good by benny hinn.

    to show you the stupidity of people. watch this trial when the church is on trial by GOD. man will intervene against GODS will. the judges only know what the antichrists have told them and the judges will speak against GOD accord to the constitution. that will bring you to the fact that the judge will go to hell.

    these antichrists buy property in MY NAME and sell MY PROPERTY for profits GOD does not receive. this constitutes grand theft, like passing the plate in an antichrist church. the judges are that stupid. the judges will die some day and three seconds after the lights go out they will go, ohhh shit!

    just so you know, the clerics know that I am here in the flesh because I have seen the marques in front of antichrists churches saying that, “GOD is here in the flesh”, right her in traverse city mich., a few years ago, and the material I wrote on other websites was later broadcast over tbn, cbn, ewtn and other tv stations that go all over the world. THE BIBLE says that I will come from poverty because the churches have told me that I will be arrested.
    did the christians arrest JESUS.

    it is written if I told one, I told them all. I told several. so you are witness to an act of GOD. on their list of friends you have to ask yourself which ones went to hell. some did.

    they claim that they own GODS intellectual property. they steal things that can not be produced yet, for GODS reasons not to be explained but written in THE BIBLE.

    yet judges throughout history have allowed the people to exploit OUR IMAGES. even though the ten commandments tell them not to make any images of GOD and worship it. do you pray to a cross. a graven image. did you buy it, or use it for a good luck charm. like the rabbits foot, the cross, it didn’t save JESUS either, but GOD did. when is the mass exodus of the satans church. after your dead! to late to the third and fourth generation, should tell you it might be your parents also. I do not care.

    the church promises to preach against GOD even without the head of the beast. and if you are reading this, and fail to act properly with GOD, you are therefore speaking against GOD. and!
    the pope has been sent emails and told that I am going to send anyone who follows any religion other than mine, to hell.

    so! to the pope: repent all you wish. popey pooh you are THE PORTAL TO HELL. YOU BOUGHT PROPERTY THAT I ALREADY OWN, LIKE THE FOOL LEADING THE FOOLS you wasted my money. I own the universe. just look up at all those stars and wonder, who owns them.

    IT IS WRITTEN: I OWN THE WORLD, AND THE HEAVENS ABOVE. so if that judge doesn’t turn that property over to GOD the judge and his family will go to hell when they die, because the judge is going to declare himself to be god, or above god by trying the case. the catholic church stole from GOD also to get the money to buy from satans brother. the antichrists are becoming hypocrites, they have been preaching brother, against brother, for years.

    isn’t satan sneaky. satan tells you to beware of GOD because, I will send you to hell.
    take heed! tim tebow goes to hell just like his parents will.


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