Former Westboro Baptist Church picketer on Connecticut killings

Lauren Drain writes…

“In light of today’s terrible tragedy here in CT, and upon hearing the news that WBC intends to picket such a devastation, I felt it was an appropriate time to answer a question many have asked me in hopes that I might help block the spread of their heinous message via media.  The question I’ve been asked is how are people supposed to respond to the terrorizing the WBC does when people are struggling to mourn the loss of their innocent loved ones? Please see the attached video…”



7 thoughts on “Former Westboro Baptist Church picketer on Connecticut killings

  1. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a law against picketing funerals. They should make one.

    WBC should be flogged if they go ahead with this. Or be banished to a deserted island.


  2. A lot of people are angry about WBC protesting at kids funerals this week. So they are protesting and harassing them.

    The hackers Anonymous has declared war on them and has divulged all members and relatives details even putting porn on their pcs and writing out a death certificate for one of the Phelps meaning they cant use their social security number.

    Its going to get very ugly for them.

    Serves themselves right.


  3. Over at WBC website based on Amos 3:6


    Its a pity someone doesnt put a cap in that deranged lunatic old man Phelps.


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