The Eddie Long sweepstakes – updated*

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WSB TV reports…
Channel 2 Action News has uncovered new allegations against megachurch pastor Eddie Long.
Court records show Long was warned about self-described “social capitalist” Ephren Taylor more than a week before Long’s parishioners were scammed out of more than a million dollars.
“I thought we were betrayed. It really hurts even more now,” said Lillian Wells, who invested $122,000 with Taylor.
She said Taylor issued a promissory note saying he was investing her money in real estate, and guaranteed a 20 percent return.
“That was my everything, and that’s it, it’s gone,” Wells told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer, adding she always thought it was suspicious that Long didn’t lose any money with Taylor.
Long never invested despite urging his congregation to do so.
“Put your hands together and receive my friend, my brother, the great Ephren Taylor,” Long preached to his congregants at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in October 2009. He then embraced Taylor, who took the stage and pitched his investments.
Wells is one of a dozen church members now suing Taylor and his companies, Bishop Long, and the church, in hopes of recovering that money.
During the discovery process, the church handed over an internal memo dated nearly two weeks prior to Taylor’s New Birth seminars.
An unidentified caller told Long’s assistant that he “did not want the church to be taken advantage of.”
He warned of Taylor’s $3 million capital deficit, and that Taylor “will issue promissory notes to the congregation if allowed that gives him legal authorization to do what he wants and there will be no return on investment.”
To hear that they got a memo that says this guy you’re bringing here is a crook, I think that was ridiculous,” said Wells. “I really think that if you know something, either you should cancel, you shouldn’t bring the person there.”
“That’s just evidence that’s called a smoking gun,” said attorney Jason Doss, who represents the church members.
Doss said Long had a duty to pass along that warning.
“He has to put his church members’ interests before his own,” said Doss. “He was obligated under the law to tell everybody about it, and obviously he didn’t.”
In 2011, Long recorded a YouTube video, referring to Taylor as a “great man,” and urging him to repay the congregants’ money.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has since charged Taylor with running a Ponzi scheme, alleging he bilked hundreds of investors nationwide out of more than $11 million. Wells sacrificed and saved for 30 years. She’s retired, but has to continue working. She nearly lost her home to foreclosure, and said she would not have trusted Taylor with her whole life savings if the Bishop she trusted hadn’t vouched for him.
“Did you get any kickbacks from it?” Wells asked rhetorically. “Or did you just really sit back and allow your people to be taken? A shepherd doesn’t do that to their sheep.”
In a statement, a spokesman said the church remains hopeful Taylor and his companies will restore the funds that were taken. The statement also said the church will continue to cooperate as the case proceeds. It did not mention the internal memo warning Long about Taylor.”

8 thoughts on “The Eddie Long sweepstakes – updated*

  1. I would not trust any advise Eddie Long gives. After this issue, the fraudulent Jewish scroll event and other issues he shows he has neither worldly nor Godly sense and it would seem no common sense as well.

    I guess when a preacher embraces the “prosperity message” scam then they lose sense of other financial scams. Maybe its because they see the financial scams as a way of seeing more money coming in to them as the members gain more income so does the preacher get more. The preacher’s mind is clouded by the prosperity message.


  2. I’ll go further – Pastors should just stick to preaching what they really know that they know that they know is the truth. The problem is they have a captive audience and slowly begin to think that they know everything.

    Which is why if the pastor joins and MLM the others do. Heck, people even copy the car the pastor buys.

    If only more pastors could say “I don’t know much about that”.


  3. Pentecostal church leadership use language like “led by the Spirit”, “only doing God’s will”, “integrity”, “prayed about who would speak” etc etc.

    The church members were certainly gullible (take note of the lady who believed the swindler because ““He quoted scriptures,”), but, they are continually being persuaded that the leadership live, do and speak as God is directing. Whether you call that positive speaking, brainwashing, spin, or whether they really believe it is not the point. Most people going to these churches don’t question building purchases, financial decisions, preacher/seminar rosters, because the senior pastor and leadership are constantly giving the impression that what is happening in the church is by the direction of God. To accept and believe that is seen as a good thing, and as someone who has their heart right before God, and to question things is to be seen as someone who doesn’t really esteem leaders or trust God in the way they should.

    So, it just isn’t good enough to let someone speak in your church building and then wash your hands of responsibility when it turns out bad.

    Preachers, if you really don’t think the guy is good, don’t let him speak there!


    Pentecostal leaders want to take credit as great CEOs and talk about good things happening as being evidence of the blessing on the church, the Holy Spirit moving in a church, but then when something bad happens they suddenly put the responsibility of themselves and blame parishioners.

    It’s sad.

    Or Pathetic depending on how deeply you think about it.

    Knowing the Pentecostal leaders I know, they wouldn’t know the first thing about business and finance and investing, and even less about how to tell if someone’s a crook or not.

    In fact, I’ll go further. (based not on books, but the real Pastors, assistant pastors and missionaries that I know). Pentecostal leaders are usually more gullible than any other group of people when it comes to multi-level marketing fads, and get rich quickly investment

    It’s personally been sad for me to try to tell someone that the scheme he has just bought into can’t possible be valid – esp knowing that he’s just ministered at a youth camp and been looked up to as someone who can answer every question thrown at him.

    iow, don’t go to your pastor/youth leader/ bibleman full of testimonies and Abraham/solomon talks for financial advice. They don’t have a clue!


  4. Ephren Taylor is just another monkey man that will burn in hell. His base desire for riches has hurt people whose ultimate relief will come from on high. He may think he has outsmarted a lot of people, but judgment day is coming. He has been placed on a scale and was found severely wanting. Woe! Woe! Woe! upon him and all who conspired with him. They for now live as abominations upon the face of this earth. Weep for this man’s soul and for the sufferings which are yet to come upon him and all that are his.


  5. Ephren Taylor has seen the glitz, had the beauty, and expended through enough hurting to earn his stripes as an “Elite Entrepreneur.” Actor has started or acquired over 100 businesses in his 16 twelvemonth business line that started when he was a 12 period old that fashioned a videogame because his parents couldn’t give to buy him one.Ephren Taylor not scam if you want more detail please visit our site.


  6. This is a classic case of what can happen when you do not do research and just invest because the man of God told you that this dude was legit. Its too bad that these gentlemen and many others got hurt in this scheme.


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