Another brick in the wall


6 thoughts on “Another brick in the wall

  1. @ Q –

    He is married.

    He’s deceived and deceiving.

    There was some interaction with one of his followers (Franc) on old Signpost02 posts.

    Sadly he attracts a lot of people already on medication.


  2. He looks like a magician at the start, I was thinking he was going to pull a rabbit out of that coffee cup. Then he just becomes a drunk.

    Hope now that he’s married and having sex that some of the more bizarre behaviours will drop away.


  3. This guy really makes me laugh. Just interested. Watch this from the five minute mark. How do you not laugh at that? Or do other people just get upset/annoyed/offended?


  4. Best part is just after 5:00 when he’s worried about God making him spill his coffee.
    Where would Australia be without this guy to “release the finished works of Christ” woooooooooah into people”s whhhhhhheeeeeewww lives?


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