The Sisterhood – the final 2 episodes – updated*





“TLC’s reality show The Sisterhood follows five Atlanta women who are married to preachers. Far from reserved or demure, these women don’t walk in their husbands’ shadows but are themselves forces to be reckoned with.

And these aren’t your grandma’s preachers’ wives. They talk openly about having sex, and doing drugs and dropping out of high school. They don’t let their faith keep them from getting tattoos or rocking out dressed in leather or enjoying the finer things in life.

To be fair to the religious world, these women–who are also called “first ladies” in their churches, represent a small subset of evangelicalism associated with the Word of Faith prosperity theology, which maintains–among other things–that financial wealth is a blessing of God and should be embraced.”











14 thoughts on “The Sisterhood – the final 2 episodes – updated*

  1. a lot of these women get off on the fact that people kneel before their husbands. the people think the clergy saved their souls when JESUS said that they will be judged by GOD when they die. these clergy, clerics, imams, priests, rabbis, etc. are the people that THE BIBLE said will usurp the power of GOD.


  2. Someone should write a book on that one – the dirty little secret about how much influence on a church the wife has. Of course sometimes it:s positive.

    But you`ll find that for better or worse she often dictates the acceptability of fashion.
    Her opinions and likes also often determine the church program (activities and length of services) and how much women at various stages of their lives attend and are expected to help.
    One of the biggies is the Pastor’s remuneration. (a lot of men initially don’t care about money).
    Preaching points, theology and how problems are dealt with.

    And here:s another. There are times when there:s a falling out or someone wants to come back to church. If the wife isn`t happy about it, her feelings can get in the way “I’m hurt and never did like that person” can lead to “I really feel that we have to be careful with that person and be strong” – all the way to “We have to stand against the attack through x”.

    That reality show would probably be interesting. It’s not doubt a way for the “first ladies” to make money and advertise their churches -but it will probably make some people think.

    Of oourse in the prosperity churches, it will lead to lots of women wanting to be first ladies.


  3. There’s more than you think.

    btw, a big problem in churches is that the Pastor’s wife becomes 2nd in charge, or First Lady. They don’t need to be.


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