Hankies are for snot


GhanaWeb reports…

“A popular Kumasi-based man of God has sternly cautioned Christians, and for that Ghanaians, to refrain from patronizing the sale of anointing oil, holy water, handkerchiefs and other odd items by some pastors in the country because it is ‘satanic’.

Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie, General Overseer of the Open Arms Ministries in Kumasi, stressed that “in the spiritual world, an object like talisman and lately anointing oil and water is given to establish contact with demons for a breakthrough.”

He bemoaned the ascendancy in reported cases of pastors selling holy water, oil, handkerchiefs and all sort of weird items for breakthrough, warning the populace not to get close to such practices since it was not acceptable in the sight of God.

According to him, all those who desire breakthrough in life should faithfully seek the face of God through constant prayers and by living righteous lifestyles that would glorify the creator of the world, God “and you shall be blessed abundantly in return by God”.

In a release to the media, Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie popularly called ‘Brother Sark’ insisted that all those that would get rich through ungodly practices like the purchase of oil and water would live to regret since their wealth and breakthrough would be short-lived.

Brother Sark admonished people that patronized the sale of oil, handkerchiefs and holy water to quickly ask for forgiveness from God so that they could prevent the possibility of calamities befalling them and their families.

The Man of God said the sale of odd items by pastors for a breakthrough in life had been a worry to him for over two decades now, and he has decided to come out boldly to condemn the phenomenon now following the recent death of four people via ‘mad’ rush for holy oil and water in Accra.

He entreated pastors to preach salvation to win more souls for the kingdom of God which is near and stop misleading people with getting fabulously rich overnight.”

From http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/religion/artikel.php?ID=276356


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