Hill$ong’s hypocrisy on tattoos


Hill$ong City Campus pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam writes…

“….The reality is there are still  mindsets today of what it looks like to be “in” as far as God is concerned. Maybe it’s that church is just for ‘good’ people, people that don’t drink, don’t smoke, or don’t have tattoos, people that have never done drugs, been to jail, or been divorced. Whatever the mindset is around who’s “in”, it leads to people saying things like “if I went to church the roof would cave in”. Their feeling that they couldn’t possibly be “in” is so great, they are in fact sure that they are “out”. Thank God the Church challenges those mindsets! There is no “what a Christian looks like”, because a follower of Christ could be anyONE, everyONE is “in”…..”

From http://hillsongcollected.com/leadership/church-day-4


The Hill$ong International Leadership College Student Handbook states ….


Students are to refrain from getting any new tattoos while attending Hillsong International Leadership College….”

From http://hillsongcollege.com/assets/college/docs/Student-Handbook-V130321.pdf


3 thoughts on “Hill$ong’s hypocrisy on tattoos

  1. It’s not hypocrisy, there is a good reason for the rule at College.
    Some students would get into trouble when returning home and they didn’t want the College to have a reputation for corrupting it’s students. They don’t preach against it but it’s not what they are coming to Australia to do, hence why they ask them to refrain.


  2. College also has lots of conservative rules such as no drinking or smoking all of which Joel followed when he went through with my Mum. I think the key here is understanding the why the college has the rules. Is it reflecting the church’s take on the Bible or not?

    I think it does reflect the church’s understanding of right and wrong for sure; however, I also think that the handbook is set up for students and parents to know the guidelines.

    For me this gives parents are certain peace of mind about sending there child 1/2 way across the world that they aren’t going to go off the deep end and if they do they’ll be sent packing. After college students can do what they like.

    This quote sums up my worldview:
    “In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty. In all things, agape.”
    – Augustine


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