Worthy Redeemed unrepentant

Pic:3 News

MSN NZ reports…

“A born-again Christian who reached across from the passenger’s seat to steer a car into an oncoming bus, killing three people in his car, has lost his bid to have his manslaughter conviction quashed.

Worthy Redeemed has been refused leave to apply to the Supreme Court to argue against his conviction and 13 years and six months jail term for causing the deaths of the car’s 21-year-old driver, Dean Jonathan McCartney, and passengers Jethro Bronson Cooper, 16, and Kodee Marie Rapana, 15, near Woodend in north Canterbury in May 2010.

Redeemed, who changed his name from Lee Errol James Silvester, then 38, grabbed the steering wheel from the front passenger seat.

He and one other young passenger, Reece Dick-Durham, were the only survivors.

At his trial it was revealed Redeemed had tried a similar stunt before and he challenged the way in which that evidence was presented.

He also said there was new evidence in which an expert said the car could not have changed direction by as much as 30 per cent.

However, the three Supreme Court justices ruled none of the issues pointed to a substantial miscarriage of justice and they dismissed the appeal.”

From http://news.msn.co.nz/nationalnews/8673831/canterbury-crash-killer-loses-appeal


Flashback 2011


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