Howdy Doody St. – updated*


4 thoughts on “Howdy Doody St. – updated*

  1. Just offering a potential reason and may not apply here. Industrial estates are that for a reason and bringing in large non trained workers can present problems not encountered in residential or retail areas.

    Suggesting here that one issue could be road infrastructure. Industrial estates are often serviced by minimal road infrastructure and parking. Low density people to property size requires low parking space requirements.

    So that during working hours (6 days a week) the parking is only sufficient for a certain number of cars. A mega church would have at least 10 times the person density of a business and could even have more people during a mid week day meeting, event than all the rest of the industrial estate. And a sunday meeting would see more cars than the one property handle thus they would have to rely on the other businesses allowing them to park in their properties. It may be that the other businesses have already raised concerns.

    And another is concerning the sound levels, an industry has strict regulations that they have to follow on what their factory workers can be exposed to (Workplace health and safety) and if a mid week day meeting sees high noise entering adjoining businesses then the (expensive) safety equipment may need replacing/upgrading since the noise levels are now higher due to the additional noise from the “church”.


  2. On the surface, an industrial area sounds like a good place for a megachurch, with far less impact on quiet residential communities. There is usually good parking available. This set up has worked well in other places in Sydney. The most traffic occurs on Sundays when the other industrial units in the areas are usually not operating. I wonder what City of Sydney’s motive is in not allowing it in this case? Unless this industrial area is also full of residential use, or unless it is somehow dangerous, I can’t see why they’d have a problem. Unless they are actively trying to prevent Hillsong establishing another campus.


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