Exodus International closes – updated*

The Age reports…

“Australian religious organisations will continue using homosexual  reorientation therapy, despite the  closure of a leading US proponent, Exodus International, which has  apologised for the “pain and hurt” it caused.

The Reverend Ron Brookman, the Australian director of Living Waters  Ministries and a member of Exodus Global, said the organisation had acknowledged  damage caused by treating homosexuality as something that could be “cured”.

“We don’t like to call it healing, we call it transformation,” he said. “I  minister to a lot of people struggling with same-sex attraction who never budge  but we don’t condemn them, we don’t shame them. We stand with them and support  them.”

Exodus International dissolved last week with its president, Alan Chambers,  issuing an apology for the “pain and hurt” caused. The 37-year-old acknowledges  he still has homosexual urges.

Peter Stokes, chief executive of Christian ethics group Salt Shakers, said  Chambers was “off the planet”.

“Alan Chambers has said I have tried this and failed, therefore it’s not  possible for anybody else to come out of homosexuality,” he said.

“It’s a bit like a drug addict saying I tried to stop and I couldn’t do it so  nobody else can do it.”

He accused Mr Chambers of undermining Christian values.

“It’s very sad to see a good organisation being ripped apart by one  individual,” he said.

“This organisation has helped many people over the years.”

From http://www.theage.com.au/national/gay-cure-therapy-will-continue-20130622-2op3m.html#ixzz2X0M9G1ww


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