Faith-healing couple lose 2nd child – updated*

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The Philadelphia Inquirer reports…

“The leaders of a Juniata Park church that preaches faith healing appeared to  distance themselves yesterday from a church couple accused of murdering their  pneumonia-stricken baby by praying for him instead of getting him medical  care.

The pastor and assistant pastor of First Century Gospel Church testified  during a detention hearing for Catherine Schaible, 43, who is charged with  husband Herbert, 45, in the April 18 death of their 7-month-old son Brandon.

Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner ruled that Catherine Schaible can post  bail and leave jail, where she has been since the couple was arrested May 22.  Lerner rejected Herbert’s bail request Thursday.

First Century Gospel Church Pastor Nelson Clark testified that he spoke to  Herbert by phone twice in the days before Brandon died. When he told Herbert he  might want to call his probation officer, Herbert rejected that, he  recalled.

“If he would call anyone, it would be a denial of his faith in God’s ability  to heal the child,” Clark said, paraphrasing Herbert. “I felt that he could let  someone know [the child was sick] without denying his faith.”

First Century Assistant Pastor Ralph Myers said that although the church  teaches its members to put their faith in God for healing, members have sought  medical care and not been shunned. The Schaibles, he said, would not have  suffered repercussions had they taken Brandon to a doctor.

“The belief is that if we misplace our trust on anything but God, then we  betray God,” said Myers, who went to the family’s Rhawnhurst home to pray for  Brandon the day before he died.

Lerner had denied the couple the ability to pay bail because Brandon’s death violated a 2011 court order that they get medical care for their children. The order stemmed from their involuntary manslaughter convictions in the death of another son, who died in 2009 without medical care.

Catherine, a thin, pale woman, said nothing during the hearing. She will live  with her parents on Roosevelt Boulevard under house arrest but will be allowed  supervised visits with her childern, who are in foster care. Her father, William  Richard Wakefield, testified that he would put up the required 10 percent of her  $250,000 bail.

The Schaibles are facing third-degree murder and related charges for  Brandon’s death.

Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore said Catherine Schaible should  not be allowed to post bail because she was as responsible for Brandon’s death  as her husband.

“She was that kid’s mother, and he was that kid’s father, and they both have  equal responsibility – no matter what that church teachers,” Pescatore said.

The couple’s next court date is Aug. 7.”



2 thoughts on “Faith-healing couple lose 2nd child – updated*

  1. “Men wore suits, women dresses. There were many large, young families. Few looked older than their 60s.”

    Because they all died? or because most people get some horse sense when they reach 60?


  2. Heaven is So Real by Choo Thomas page 207 “the first thing many Christians do when they are sick is to go to the doctor,instead of casting the devil out, praying to the Father in the name of Jesus, searching their hearts to see if they have sin within them……one of my wisdom teeth was bothering me for a while. The Lord didn’t heal this condition for a long time, so I asked Him why. He simply directed me to have it pulled.” So how long do you wait after “casting out the devil” and “praying” before commonsense takes over and you do something proactive about saving the lives of your children. The worse part about this (money making) book is that there are people out there who would actually believe in this kind of crap!


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