Westboro wedding belles

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The Washington Times reports…

“Members of the notorious, gay-hating Westboro Baptist   Church were forced to stand by as two lesbians said, “I do,” just 50 feet   from their front doors in Topeka, Kan., on Saturday.

Same-sex  marriage is not legal in Kansas, but Kimberly  Kidwell and Katie  Short proceeded   with  the ceremony with the help of an ordained Baptist  minister, who   also happens  to be a lesbian, to help raise awareness  on the issue, the   New  York Daily News reported.

About 100 guests attended the ceremony at the rainbow-painted Equality  House.

“The  community came out in droves and just showed  their support,  holding  up  signs expressing their support for the event.  It was a  really incredible   thing to see,” Aaron Jackson, one of the   founders of  the Equality  House’s  Planting Peace charity, told the Daily   News.

Westboro members put up signs in  counterprotest but steered clear of the wedding.

“No  one came out of their compound,” the Rev. Robin Lunn,  the executive  director  of the Association of Welcoming & Affirming   Baptists, who  performed  Saturday’s ceremony, told the Daily  News. “They  just put up their ugly signs, and that was the extent of  it.”

Ms. Lunn  and her association of churches will be  collecting prayers  for  the  Westboro church during the next 30  days  that they  later will mail to  the church in a  packet, the Daily News  said.”

From http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/24/lesbian-couple-says-i-do-50-feet-westboro-baptist-/#ixzz2XFP7qsNf


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