4 thoughts on “When Jesus turned up at Hill$ong Conference

  1. Yes the guy is a goof and a nuisance.

    But what would Jesus really be like if he turned up and noticed the high price tag, the merchandise (books, cd’s, and Jesus mugs) all being sold as they are?


  2. The video showed someone being goofy and a lot of people being pretty good humoured and patient with him.

    Hillsong Conference is a paid event (during the day anyway) so being asked to (eventually) leave is not surprising. And pushing to the front of a huge coffee line like that will always get someone saying go to the back of the line.

    When the real Jesus turns up, he won’t need a limo or anyone to introduce him.


  3. That video made me cringe.

    I guess that if the ‘real’ Jesus turned up he would be more recognisable by the Hillsong masses by rocking up in the same limo as TD Jakes, wearing Boss jeans, a DC ts-shirt and green beanie, holding a VIP pass to the greenrrom (pre-arranged with Joel A Bell) and a holding a GJ’s coffee (procured also with a voucher provided by Hillsong).

    Seriously, $299 for a ticket to do group break-dancing in a tent? That is really what makes me cringe.


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