Newspaper puts Global Heart Church under the microscope



The West Australian reports…

“A northern suburbs church, which embraces supernatural healing and speaking in tongues, has become closely aligned to the Liberal Party with two church members – Environment Minister Albert Jacob and Joondalup MP Jan Norberger –  already elected to Parliament.

At least six other members of the Globalheart Church in Joondalup hold senior positions in the Liberal Party’s Moore division or have  taxpayer-funded jobs in the electorate and ministerial offices of Mr Norberger and Mr Jacob.

A son of Globalheart’s husband-and-wife pastors, Gerard and Sue Keehan, is employed in both MPs’  offices. But neither MP would discuss the connections when contacted by  The Weekend West   and issued brief statements in response to a number of specific questions……”



The West Australian further reports…

The Globalheart Leadership College – an offshoot of the charismatic Globalheart Church in Perth’s northern suburbs – has some non-negotiable conditions for its students.

They must talk to the principal before dating a fellow student, abstain from homosexuality and accept that Pentecostal glossolalia – the ancient practice of speaking in tongues – will be a part of any baptism…..”



19 thoughts on “Newspaper puts Global Heart Church under the microscope

  1. So much for keeping religion out of politics!

    Firstly, Australia has no such law or regulation that requires us to keep religion out of politics – nor does ‘keeping religion out of politics’ mean that a person who has faith in God, or is a member of a religious group, is disqualified from entering politics – that’s just a stupid view.


  2. The world is so confused because it is rejecting the creator. Look for example at this trans gender none sence . A few years ago it was a monty python commedy skit now its a tax funded reality .


  3. @glyn jackson… everyone has some type of religious view. Even if someone is an atheist that is still a religious view. Knowing Ian Goodenough the now federal member for Moore, I know that He is a good man, who will be a fantastic member and has represented the people of Wanneroo very well for the last 15 years, has been successful in business, and is university educated (university is not the be all and end all, but it helps) Maybe you should get to know someone and do your research before judging someone just because they believe in God. If the media made this type of fuss about a muslim candidate they would be sued for discrimination, and the same if they ran an article saying “so and so” is a member of his local mosque or goes to the buddist temple. it would be a non issue.

    Also whilst Globalheart church is not perfect, it is a great place to be if you want to become a person who can lead a good life and help others to lead a good life. I went there 3 times a week for about 4 years, and still go, just not as regularly (I now have a business and a niece that take up a lot of my time) and without the people who I was around and the environment of Globalheart, I would not be who I am today.

    Hope you have a great week


  4. Sorry. My Mistake I am actually a Tosser. IM a Fairy head wanker and I believe that nothing exists. And me Glen Jackson would like to see somebody like myself leading the state because I am a sad little wanker tosser tosser and im a tosser WANKER

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  5. This is disgusting nepotism of the worst kind. Its bad enough that our local state member believes in fairies down the bottom of the garden now the libs endorsed federal candidate is a god botherer too. So much for keeping religion out of politics!


  6. So does anyone see a resemblance between those two in the picture or am I seeing something there that is just not there


  7. You’re right .. we’re talking about 2 different things. I thought you were referring to the commenter ‘young dude’. I’m typing this as I’m being re-admitted to the psych ward.


  8. I was referring to the picture in the article. Your answer seems to be answering something else, or am I just being mental 🙂


  9. “@groupsects, and here i thought that the young guy might have been the son of the older guy. A number of similar features. Must be the lighting.”

    I only know who 4 or 5 commenters are because they’ve privately told me off-blog. I assume the rest of you are mental patients.

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  10. @groupsects, and here i thought that the young guy might have been the son of the older guy. A number of similar features. Must be the lighting.


  11. Their strong ties with global heart and kingdom first is the problem.
    You cant tell me a network for businessmen and politicians run by an evangelical church will not influence them.
    This is from their website:
    “Our vision is to help build the Kingdom of God, each other and the next generation of growing business people that will support the church”
    What if you don’t support the church? What if you are building for the kingdom of a different god? What if it’s the kingdom of no god?
    It’s all about the church recruiting wealthy people making them wealthier then making them donate everything to the church because if they don’t they are bad people and going to hell. You don’t support them they don’t support you and no ticket to heaven. The church looked after them got them into position now they repay the church.
    No difference to Scientology. No difference to a cult.


  12. …why not rather focus on what the church does for the community…broken and troubled youth, families in need, the Philippine slums, African children, etc., etc….why does this not make the news?


  13. so whats the issue with a few people from the Liberal Party going to the same church? Probably shop at the same shops? go the the same gym? is there actually a problem with this? Global Heart has over 3000 members and im sure they have a few people there that do the same job Like maybe 2 electricians oh no! 2 electricians in the same church oh oh!!!! Electricians ties with the church oh my Honestly you people especially groupsects have nothing better to do with your time but pick on people in our community who actually contribute so much into it. You obviosuly are a labor voter probably dont work dont give into the community do not volunteer give to charity you just thing about yourself. and you think that you can do whatever you want in society and get away with it. You obviously have issues with people that go to church or are involved with politcs. Because they are good people. Lots of the Youth at Global Heart also work at Mac D’s Do you have a Problem with This also?


  14. Interesting that the church has gone with the Libs instead of Family First. BTW, just discovered that Influencers (Paradise, Adelaide) Church in Subiaco is next to Julie Bishop’s electorate office.


  15. so whats the problem? 2 people who are members out of 5000 people wanted to get into parliament and hundreds of thousands of people voted for them. and they both go to the same church I don’t see the problem?


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