Fred Nile earns $5000 a week and wants ‘income equality’ with gays

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Pic:Christian Democratic Party/Facebook reports…

The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) have come under fire for posting  a homophobic anti-equality ad campaign for the upcoming federal election.

The ads, which started appearing on the Official  Christian Democratic Party Facebook page in June, have raised a few  well-manicured eyebrows after a post calling for “income equality” was uploaded  on July 26.

“Same-sex couples earn 29 per cent more money than female-male couples,” it  reads.

“Mum and dad taxpayers are the most oppressed Australians in our economy.

“Christian Democrats will change that”.

But instead of inspiring the far right against homosexuality, the Australian  public is now questioning the logic of a party which former member Gordon Moyes  described as a “cult, a hypocritical, anti-Christian, anti-democratic  dictatorship that adhered to the values of extremist fundamentalism”.

Sam McLean, National Director for advocacy organisation GetUp! (famous for  their marriage equality clip, It’s time), told “The hateful campaign by the  Christan Democrats is offensive and totally bizarre. Why are these people  obsessed with the vilification and perpetuating discrimination?

“They are vilifying gay and lesbian Australians for being productive members  of our society.

What exactly are they proposing? A gay tax? It’s utterly bizarre.”

The source of CDP’s stats has not been confirmed. However according to latest  research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics “consistent with their higher  levels of education, and greater likelihood of being employed in highly skilled  occupations, people in same-sex couple relationships were more likely than those  in opposite-sex couple relationships to have higher personal incomes”.

In 2011, 18 per cent of men in same-sex couples earned $2,000 or more a week,  compared with 14 per cent of men in opposite-sex couples, writes  the ABS.

For women, the difference was even greater. Women in same-sex couples were  nearly three times as likely to be earning $2,000 or more a week as women in  opposite-sex couples (11 per cent compared with 4 per cent).

But the reasons are clearer than simply sexual orientation pay  inequality.

Homosexual couples were more likely to have higher incomes due to “high  labour force participation rates and employment to population ratios”.

“In 2011, 89 per cent of people in same-sex couples were participating in the  labour force (either employed or unemployed), compared with 69 per cent of  opposite-sex couples.”

“In line with their higher levels of education, people in same-sex couples  were more likely than those in opposite-sex couples to work in highly skilled  occupations such as managers or professionals. Over half of the people in  same-sex couples that were employed worked as managers or professionals (53 per  cent), compared with 40 per cent of people in opposite-sex couples.”

Numerous requests for comment from the Christian Democrat Party were received  but not answered by time of publication. A spokesman told, “you’ll  get a reply in due course.”

The Party, under the leadership of Reverend Fred Nile has been staunchly  anti-gay since its inception in 1977.”


The Daily Telegraph reported on June 1, 2013…

“Fred Nile will leave parliament as the first politician in the state to have claimed three taxpayer-funded pensions, worth more $1 million in total.

The 78-year-old cashed out his super in 1999, at a value of about $660,000. He also receives a proportion of his late wife Elaine’s pension – $66,000 a year for life – after Mrs Nile, a former upper house colleague, died in 2011.

Mr Nile is also accumulating a 9 per cent yearly contribution in a super fund, like all public servants.

But Mr Nile has confirmed that he actually applied for even more generous pension arrangements.

After cashing out his pension in 1999, he tried to sign back up for the parliamentary pension scheme – but was knocked back. If he had succeeded, he would have gained an additional $110,000 a year for life.

“I was advised that, because of my age, I should cash out my pension. Despite wanting to, and despite being re-elected, I applied to come back into the scheme but I was not allowed,” he said. 

The NSW parliament pension scheme has since changed and any MP elected after 2007 only receives the equivalent superannuation contribution of a public servant, about 9 per cent.

Mr Nile has been in the state parliament since 1981, apart from a three-year absence from 2004 when he unsuccessfully ran for the Australian Senate before being re-elected at the 2007 NSW election.

Along with the Shooters and Fishers Party, Mr Nile holds the balance of power in the upper house. Many MPs believe this is why he was appointed assistant president of the upper house, a position created for him by the former Labor government in 2007 and continued by the current Liberal government.The position gives him an extra $28,000 a year which, together with his former wife’s pension, gives him an annual salary of about $260,000 a year.

According to public records, Mr Nile owns a residential property in Kogarah Bay and has interests in two companies – Family World News and NSW Council of Churches Broadcasters. Mr Nile said his position in both companies was honorary.

He said yesterday he gave Family World News $24,000 a year, and a similar amount to the Christian Democratic Party.

“The government continued the same pork barrel for Fred Nile that Labor set up. Both parties use public resources to keep Fred Nile happy,”  Greens MP John Kaye said.”


Pic:The Australian

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  1. Mr consistency, my hero, …… oh wait let me clean my computer screen, OH no its not its Mr, Fred “its not me but my staffer who’s a hypocrite because I told him to view that stuff” Niles.


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