Scott Lively in court – updated*

WWLP reports…

“A federal judge has decided he will not dismiss an African gay rights group’s lawsuit against an Evangelical minister in Springfield.

Sexual Minorities Uganda is accusing Scott Lively of conspiring to persecute gays in the East African country. The gay rights group says Lively met with Ugandan leaders, and headlined a 2009 conference from which produced an anti-gay bill. The bill’s first proposal allegedly called for an extreme punishment–like the death penalty–for some homosexual acts. But Lively said he never advocated violence against the gay population, claiming he sought no punishment–only therapy.

Back in June 2012, Lively’s attorney Horatio Mihet filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against his client. Mihet cited the suit violated Lively’s right to free speech. However, on Wednesday August 14th, U.S. District Judge Michael Ponsor ruled that he will not dismiss the suit against Lively.

Mihet said Lively will continue to fight the lawsuit, and he’s confident his client will be cleared of his claims. Meanwhile, Sexual Minorities Uganda is calling the judge’s ruling a victory for human rights.”




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