Woe to those who challenge a Christian school

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Today Tonight reports…

“Queensland father Chad Rowe is in a legal battle with his child’s school, over a request for an extra copy of his eight-year-old daughter’s report card.

The school Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast demanded a $100 fee for the extra report card.

Mr Rowe fought the principal, claiming the school had engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by charging a fee.

Mr Rowe was ordered by the court to pay nearly $30,000 in legal costs, almost four times the annual school fees.

He says it’s every parent’s right to get a report card.

“The school should not hold that person to ransom to get the report card,” Mr Rowe said.

The school says its policy is simple, one report card per family, but in an act of good faith the school sent Mr Rowe complementary copies of his daughter’s report.

Mr Rowe, however, has chosen to continue with his legal action, which has now left him facing bankruptcy.

He says he’s going to appeal the court’s decision, regardless of his financial situation.”

From http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/lifestyle/article/-/18414937/30k-school-report-card/

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