Police officer asks street evangelist if he is ‘mentally retarded’

Operation 513 Ministry video

The Sunshine Coast Daily reports…

“A religious ministry will be back, preaching on the streets today, after being shooed away by what they call an “anti-Christian” Sunshine Coast Council. 

The group from Operation 513 Ministry say they were treated unfairly when they were moved on by a council officer while handing out Christian literature and preaching in the Nambour Plaza area earlier this week.

The group was threatened with a $550 fine before the police were called.

Sunshine Coast Council said it was responding to complaints from members of the public.

Ministry member Ryan Hemelaar said they were met with conflicting opinions when they approached the council prior to, and after their stoush with a local laws enforcement officer, to ensure they were meeting all local laws standards.

“We just couldn’t believe it when we were told to move on,” Mr Hemelaar said.

“We even contacted the council last week about this, they said that it is not illegal to hand out gospel tracts or approach people to speak about Jesus …”

A Sunshine Coast Council spokeswoman said the officer approached the group because they were in breach of two local laws.

The council officer called the police when the group failed to provide their identification. 
Specifically, the council said the group was breaking Local Laws number 1 and 4.

“We don’t want to be breaking local laws; now we have a (Council) email saying what we are doing is perfectly fine, so when we return on Tuesday (today), we will have that to show.”

From http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/ministry-plans-to-return-to-streets-after-row-with/1990726/

Operation 513 Ministry video


2 thoughts on “Police officer asks street evangelist if he is ‘mentally retarded’

  1. Yes, stand your ground. Citizens have a right to remain silent. Even if officers arrest us. And they need to know the law to uphold it. These clearly did not.

    They didn’t even know on what grounds they could move the Christians on. And the means was bullying. Had the Christian not had video evidence he might have pushed it further.

    The officer was well out of order and showed his lack of understanding of the situation he found himself in by questioning the intelligence of the main spokesperson, who showed a better grasp of the bylaws.

    Know the law and work with it. It serves us, not the other way round.


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