Penrith Pente pastor preferences predicament

The Daily Telegraph reports…

“The Liberal Party has scrapped a preference deal with the Christian Democratic Party in the must-win seat of Lindsay after a candidate described gay men as having a “lower life span” than heterosexual males.

The decision to dump the CDP’s Andrew Green is a blow to the hopes of Liberal Party hopeful Fiona Scott, who had earlier struck a preference deal with Fred Nile’s religious party.

But after being alerted to Mr Green’s inflammatory remarks – made at a public forum last week – the NSW Liberal Party last night said it “will be amending” the CDP swap deal.

Mr Green, the 55-year-old CDP candidate for the western Sydney seat, shocked the public audience with his remarks, and was yesterday unable to cite his source.

The church pastor made his comments during a debate on gay marriage at a candidate’s forum in the western Sydney seat.

Despite claiming he was “not homophobic”, Mr Green was scathing of those who backed same sex marriage. “Ultimately for the good of our society, it’s not going to happen,” he said.

Mr Green – who secured 3 per cent of the Lindsay vote in 2010 – has also wade into the abortion debate by claiming immigration levels would not have to be as high, if the number of terminations were slashed.

“If these children were not aborted, we would not have to have such high levels of immigration,” he said.

Ms Scott – whose profile has rocketed since Tony Abbott praised her as having “sex appeal” – is seeking to oust Labor frontbencher David Bradbury, who holds Lindsay with a wafer thin margin of 1.12 per cent.

Mr Green – who last night was appearing with Ms Scott at another candidate’s forum – said he realised his comments were “inflammatory”.

But the pastor insists he is “not homophobic” and says three of his cousins are gay. “I will treat everyone with respect. The inference I was drawing from that is that it’s an unhealthy lifestyle,” he said.

Asked to verify his source for the remarks, Mr Green said: “I read that along the way – they (homosexuals) have a lower life span.”

Last night, a spokeswoman for the Liberal Party said: “After learning of (MrGreen’s) remarks, we will be amending our how to vote cards.”

Ms Scott – who has appeared at several high-profile events with Tony Abbott in the last week – is favoured to win Lindsay, which has been held by Mr Bradbury since 2007.”


*Andrew Green is the Pastor of Christian Community Church, Cambridge Park in the Penrith area of Sydney.


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