Killer pastor takes another life – his own


The Morning Sun reports…

“John Douglas White, the former minister who killed his 24-year-old neighbor in Isabella County in October to fulfill a sexual fantasy, committed suicide in prison early Wednesday morning.

Less than a year into serving a 56- to 85-year sentence in the bludgeoning death of Rebekah Jane Gay at her home in the Broomfield Valley mobile home park Oct. 31, White hanged himself in his cell, Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully said.

As of late Wednesday morning, White’s death was not recorded on the Michigan Department of Corrections website, which listed the 56-year-old who also killed a woman in 1995, as being a level four prisoner at the Michigan Reformatory in Ionia. 

White killed Gay, the mother of a then-3-year-old boy, Conway, with a rubber mallet with her son in the home before moving her body to a wooded area at the corner of Pickard and Coldwater roads in the early morning hours of Halloween last year.

A friend of the family, White later returned to Gay’s home and dressed Conway in his Halloween costume.
White’s former neighbor, Michelle Anderson Earl, a friend of Gay’s, said after hearing of his suicide that “he is a true coward.”

“He took the life of a daughter, mother, sister and friend to many,” she said. “Now he will serve his true punishment, the one he deserves.”



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