Where have we seen those funky young Australian Christians before?

Pic:Australian Sex Party/Australian Christians/ Shutterstock

An Australian Sex Party media release says…

“The Australian Christians, a new political party running on biblical principles, has issued a racy photo of their team to promote the party on its website. The group photo features girls in mini skirts, cut off shorts and midriff tops.


Pic:Australian Christians

Last month the Australian Christians wrote in their national newsletter that, “unless Christians take urgent action now, after the September Federal Election, we will all hear the shrill voices of the Sex Party advocating for pornography and legalised prostitution.”

Sex Party President Fiona Patten said that the photo of the Christian Party team appeared on the Australian Christian website on their ‘About’ page which also espouses the party’s core values of ‘honesty and integrity’ and ‘being fair dinkum’. “I was astounded to find the same photograph on the Shutterstock photo library website”, she said.



“Shutterstock does not allow its images to be used to in connection with political endorsements so clearly the Australian Christians have sold the photo to the agency”, she said. “The girl in the very short denims looked a lot like a girl I know who just joined a kibbutz, she said. “That’s when I started to wonder about the photo. I think that renting out pictures of your membership to photo libraries is a good source of revenue raising. “We know how hard it is for small parties to raise funds. We’re even thinking of copying them. But I think the ‘team’ in the photo might be a bit miffed because when you search Shutterstock for ‘Religious’ the photo is not even there”, she said.”

From http://www.sexparty.org.au/news/media-releases/1616-australian-christians-sex-up-their-team-photo.html


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