Pastor smacked down by Prime Minister – updated*

The Courier-Mail reports…

“New Hope Church Pastor Matt Prater says Kevin Rudd has lost the support of the Christian conservative vote after the PM’s rejection of Biblical teachings on traditional marriage.

Brisbane-based Pastor Prater has become the centre of national media attention after challenging Mr Rudd on the ABC’s Q & A program last night on the PM’s change of heart on gay marriage.

“I did not want to be homophobic, I simply wanted to get a clear understanding on where he stands on this issue,” Pastor Prater said this morning between television interviews.

Pastor Prater said he had interviewed Mr Rudd several years ago and was impressed with the PM’s grasp of biblical teachings and admiration of traditional Christian heroes such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer – the Lutheran pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi executed during World War II.

But Pastor Prater said Mr Rudd’s answer confirmed the PM’s rejection of the Bible’s teachings.

“He clearly has a twisted view of the Bible,” he said.

Pastor Prater rejected suggestions he was using the Old Testament to support his support of traditional marriage.

He said his belief stemmed from the Gospel according to Matthew in the New Testament which makes it clear marriage is between a man and a woman.

Support for his stand against gay marriage on Vision Radio this morning had been strong, he said.

And Opposition leader Tony Abbott had only re-affirmed his support of traditional marriage on Monday night.

“There are a lot of people disappointed with the Prime Minister,” Pastor Prater said.”




5 thoughts on “Pastor smacked down by Prime Minister – updated*

  1. @ Bones… If this is a major election issue for Christians then it shows how irrelevant they have become.

    When did sin become irrelevant to Christianity? Therefore, is homosexuality morally okay according to the Bible? I’m just wondering if a party condoned legalising another sexual practices…. lets say pedaphilia… if you would be voting them in the next election? Yet the Bible seems to be more silent on this topic then homosexuality? Just figured I would ask the tough moral questions many seem to ignore?

    For sure there are other elections issues… I’m just confused as to why someone who loves the Bible would be playing down this legislation and therefore encouraging immorality?

    “We are the roots of the moral fabric of our society. The strength of our morality, decency, love for each other and family values will determine the strength of that fabric that holds our society together.” J. Charest


  2. “….Rudd suggests that the human condition changes, and so society must adapt to such changes. I agree with Mohler’s response to this:

    This is not an intelligent argument. This is a profoundly unintelligent argument. It is an argument made by someone who claims to be a devout Christian but doesn’t know anything about interpreting the Scripture. And instead [he] simply throws the Scripture under the bus, so to speak…. To suggest that the human condition and the social conditions change and therefore we have to abandon the Scripture, is to defy the very nature of Scripture itself as not only the inerrant and infallible word of God but a word that has endured not only through the ages but will endure for eternity. In other words, even as social and human conditions change, we need to recognize that that change has been a constant since Genesis 3. It didn’t await the last couple of decades of Australian history.

    Mohler hits the nail on the head when he mentions that whatever “changes” there have been in the human condition, those changes have been constant since the Fall of man into sin in Genesis 3. That’s another way of saying that while societal conventions may change on a superficial level, the human condition does not change at its fundamental core. And what is that fundamental core of the human condition? Sin. Rebellion against God. Unbelief in Him and in His Word. The expression of our sin will change at the societal and cultural level, but the human condition has not changed. And it won’t change until the Lord returns to judge the wicked and renew all things. To believe otherwise is, as Mohler says, “to defy the very nature of Scripture itself… as the inerrant and infallible Word of God.” This is not something that “a devout Christian”—or any kind of Christian—does.


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