The Australian election – How the wacko Christian parties went

Eternity Newspaper reports…

“The Senate looks set to change almost as dramatically as the House of Representatives has with the Coalition’s massive win.

Veteran Family First campaigner Bob Day has won a Senate seat in South Australia, on what Eternity understands was his third attempt.

Day’s win is part of a pattern of minor parties entering the Senate, with the Greens losing the balance of power.

In NSW, a Liberal Democratic party senator David Leyonhjelm has been elected according to the ABC

Other predictions include Victoria electing Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts party, Queensland electing football hero Glenn Lazarus of the Palmer United Party, Wayne Dropulich of the Australian Sports Party in WA, and another Palmer United party member Jacqui Lambie in Tasmania.

The Micro party strategy of preferencing the major parties at last has paid off.

But despite Bob Day’s win in SA, it appears that the “Christian” Parties votes dropped according to ABC calculations

For example Family First in Qld scored 1.12% of the votes down from  3.42 per cent in 2010. In NSW the Christian Democrat vote dropped from 1.94 per cent in 2010 to 1.78 and Family First from .94 to .36 per cent. The DLP however increased from .75 to 1.5 per cent.

In Victoria the DLP vote dropped  from 2.33 per cent in 2010 to .69 per cent. Family First went from 2.64 to 1.54 per cent. Rise Up Australia got .97 per cent this year, which does not make up the gap. It was their best result.

In SA Bob Day scored 3.76 per cent, down from 4.01 in 2010. The Christian Democrats/Australian Christians went from .25 per cent in 2010 to .34 this time and the DLP also improved from .67 to .98 per cent….”



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