Steve Munsey’s church on life support – updated*

The Times Of Northwest Indiana reports…

“Outside financial oversight of Family Christian Center is winding down and expected to conclude Oct. 31, according to an agreement presented in court Tuesday.

Representatives of the Munster-based church and its mortgage holder, Evangelical Christian Credit Union, reaffirmed an agreement the church conduct its own financial affairs for six months with an eye on reaching a loan modification.

Evangelical Christian Credit Union filed a foreclosure suit against the church in 2011 when it defaulted on the mortgage for its worship center at 340 W. 45th St.

In March 2012, Family Christian Center agreed to have its financial operations taken over by Rally Capital Services LLC. The Chicago-based company offers financial and other services to underperforming and distressed companies, according to its website.

Lake Superior Court Judge Diane Kavadias Schneider on Tuesday asked for reassurance the administrator’s recommendations were in place, crediting Rally for its performance. “The court’s concern is we’ve been doing this since 2011,” she said while granting there appeared to be a “light at the end of the tunnel.” “We have to reach a resolution one way or another,” she said, setting the next status hearing on the case for May 8.

Following the brief hearing, an attorney for the church, former Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez, said the church and its mortgage-holder have resolved their issues and are working in concert for the Family Christian Center to prosper.”



11 thoughts on “Steve Munsey’s church on life support – updated*

  1. A headline caught my eye this morning: “Indiana’s Largest Megachurch Faces New Foreclosure Proceedings.” It made me think of Steve Munsey, an Indiana prosperity preacher I watched in a Decatur, Georgia television studio in 2007, pleading for audience members and viewers to give their money to the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

    As it turns out, the story is about Munsey’s church, Family Christian Center, which claims to have a weekly attendance of 15,000, making it one of the largest churches in the country. According to an investigation by the, a paper covering northwestern Indiana, the judge presiding over the foreclosure proceedings told attorneys in court, “When I saw some of the expenditures being made in this church when there was a mortgage not being paid, I was astounded.” NWITimes reports that even as the church owed close to $100,000 a month in mortgage payments (not to mention mortgage payments on condos the church claimed to use for visiting clergy, and other unspecified bills in excess of half a million dollars), Munsey and his wife Melodye raked in “$2.9 million in total compensation from 2008 through 2011 from organizations connected to Family Christian Center, IRS records show.” In all, “The church annually spent $3.5 million in leadership compensation and had a $900,000 budget for travel and meals, a $500,000 housing allowance and $500,000 for jet fuel and other expenditures, according to the transcript. In 2010, the church paid $1 million for property in Illinois, the transcript states.” There’s more: an IRS investigation and tax liens, for starters. You can read the whole investigative story, for which Munsey declined to be interviewed, here.




  3. He has become the wolf. He was raised strict Pentecostal in Griffith Indiana at one time. God is right, For the love of money is the root to all evils. I dont feel Jealousy for this man. I can not believe the people in his church is going along with his deception. He must have taught them a different way other than Gods. TBN may have started in love but the greed has overcome these people and now they are lost bringing down along with them the people of their congregations. These people are the money changers in Gods House!


  4. LOL. What a crock.

    That video is amazing.

    Yet another rich megapreacher I’ve never heard of acting like a dickhead.

    But hey he draws a crowd.

    There must be a lack of entertainment on Sunday mornings to put up with that.

    As for the powder if it was cocaine, whoever touched it was truly ‘blessed’.

    Maybe next week he’ll tip a bucket of water over himself to keep everyone’s attention.

    That’s what I go to church for.


  5. This is not of God……………I wonder what the apostle Paul would say to this sort of behaviour of the preachers today. My Lord is this what the gospel is all about………making a mockery of all that the Word of God is not. This is a mockery. These preachers bring disrepute to the Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the world laughs at us.


  6. The guys making the big bucks in mega churches like this are going to lead to the push for changes in laws for churches.

    Of course then they’ll say it’s an attack on the church. It’s just over the top – esp the way the wife is also on a ridiculous salary. But the law changes will hurt the little guys.


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