13 thoughts on “Meet Danny Nalliah’s new neighbours – updated*

  1. I might need to get the popcorn out, sit back, and enjoy a seriously epic billboard war that will erupt between Danny’s mob and the Mosque next door…


  2. I think that having a mosque next door would be a perfect opportunity for Danny and his mob to engage in some local mission and evangelism (i.e. “love Muslim people”). C’mon Danny, practice what you preach 🙂


  3. Danny was asked (around 4:40 in vid) if he said that he (danny) had a prophetic dream that the fires were a consequence of Victoria decriminalising ……… and Danny replies “not quite”, in other words Danny denies it to some extent.

    But from his his own web site (media release) there is only one word the different, but the meaning is the same The word result instead of the word consequence, but the meaning is not changed.

    He [Danny] said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws

    So not only does this false “prophet” claim God is now applying the OT Covenant, substituting aussies for the nation of Israel, all of which is contrary to Jesus’ teachings. Then Danny even denies what he prophesied previously. So just in this one interview he shows that he is not a prophet of God in any sense of the word.


  4. Lance, Danny is going to be on Sunrise tomorrow (Tuesday) and maybe “a current affair” to increase exposure to his campaign against the building application by another religion.


    Really starting to sound like Danny is opposing the right to religious freedom by any group that he doesn’t approve of..


  5. So Danny whose fault is it?

    You blame negative occurrences on somebody, so whose fault is it that they decided to build next to you in the same commercial area?

    “commercial area (Greens Road) where there is not much traffic or people” http://www.starnewsgroup.com.au/news/berwick/373/story/155894.html#.UK7JUkBNzFc.email

    Is it your follower’s fault for not preying enough, for not fighting the spirits and demons enough?

    Or are you upset that they have 3 acres and you only have 1 acre?

    Or maybe its God’s way of trying to get your attention.


  6. “We don’t approve of Islam as a religion but we love Muslim people. Islam teaches that those who follow other religions are infidels

    “It is a religion that doesn’t value freedom of religion….

    Oh the irony! He teaches that anyone who doesn’t follow his religion is going to hell. He also doesn;t what them to practice their rteligoin near him – so how ius that valuiing religoius freedom.

    What a joke this man is.


  7. hey!
    more antichrists!
    neighbors to keep the antichrists happy to say the antichrists moved in. it gives the antichrist something to do so the politicians don’t know who the antichrist is. don’t worry the poiticians need the vote from satan, so satan can force the mark upon the weak. does any body say that JESUS was not born of GOD, and that GOD is now of HIS own image of a man? did I tell you? when JESUS comes again they will not believe, but scorn GOD.


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