Christian Democratic Party turns on rival Christian parties

Pic:Daily Telegraph

The Christian Democratic Party writes…

“MEDIA RELEASE: Other Christian parties’ preferences prevented a Christian Values senator for NSW

The Christian Democrats performed very well in last Saturday’s election, being the largest Christian values party in the state, and maintaining our vote despite the arrival of new political parties, Palmer United Party and Katter Australia Party.

The Christian Democratic Party did not receive the expected preferences from the smaller Christian values parties, when their votes had expired.

If we had, Robyn Peebles, our senate candidate, would now be a Senator, and NSW would have a Christian leader representing them. It is disappointing that Christian parties fail to help one another and that Christians vote fragmented into unviable parties.

– The Democratic Labour Party’s votes went to One Nation’s  Pauline Hanson.
– Family First’s votes went to Bullet Train For Australia party.
– Rise Up Australia’s votes went to One Nation’s Pauline Hanson.

“Unfortunately, neither One Nation nor the Bullet Train For Australia represent our values, and again the Christian vote was fragmented across many minor and major parties.”

It is an important lesson for all Christians wishing to vote for Christian values. The Christian Democratic Party is largest ‘Christian values’ party in NSW, and the only party that can be a voice for our values in Parliament.

‘If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand’.



4 thoughts on “Christian Democratic Party turns on rival Christian parties

  1. Sour Grapes if you ask me.

    The first “christian party” in the senate they preferenced was at 15 down. Didn’t see them keeping the “christian house undivided”


  2. I’m surprised at them saying that the Bullet Train for Australia Party didn;t represent their values..they were a one issue party…a bullet train for Australia! They made no claims about any other issue adn certianly werer’t ‘unChristian’. One Nation – well, I don’t know who’s values they represent.


  3. Christian Democratic Party members didn’t win a seat because they didn’t pray hard enough, didn’t practice tithing before tax, and didn’t have enough faith, so God didn’t listen.


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