Pee’d off priest

The Daily Mail reports…

“The Christian patience of an Episcopal priest  officiating a wedding has proven no match for the antics of a videographer hired  to capture a couple’s nuptials. 

A funny and cringe-inducing video that has  been making the rounds on the Internet this week captures the moment the testy  man of God halted a wedding ceremony as the happy couple were about to exchange  their vows to give a bothersome cameraman a piece of his mind.

The video clocking in under a minute appeared  Wednesday on the popular wedding site The Knot.

The clip was reportedly sent to the wedding  forum by the unfortunate videographer who got caught in the dour-faced priest’s  crosshairs.

In the video, shot from behind the unnamed  clergyman sporting a Roman collar, the bespectacled pastor begins to recite the  Declaration of Consent from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer when the  ceremony suddenly grinds to a screeching halt.

Angrily turning away from the couple standing  before him, the livid padre addresses the videographer and photographer lurking  behind him with the words: ‘Please, sirs, leave. Please.’

‘Where do you want me to be?’ a man’s voice  could be heard in the background.

‘Anywhere other than here,’ the officiant  tersely responds.

Evidently not pleased that the video crew  were taking their time complying with his command, the irked man of the cloth  explained in no uncertain terms that ‘this is a solemn assembly, not a  photography session.’

With the bride and groom uncomfortably  glancing at one another, evidently at a loss, the situation takes a turn for the  worse when the indignant cleric threatens to stop the ceremony if the cameramen  don’t get out of his way.

‘This is not about the photography – this is  about God,’ he declares.

Luckily for the bride and groom, the video  team decided not to test the irascible officiant’s patience any further and  bowed out.

Since being posted on YouTube, the clip  depicting the awkward exchange between the clench-jawed pastor and the  shutterbugs intruding on ‘his’ ceremony has drawn more than 116,000 views, and  counting.

The Episcopal clergyman’s angry response to  the presence of the photographer and videographer has left viewers divided, with  some siding with the officiant and insisting that he was in the right, while  others calling him out for the outburst.”




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