Kong Hee teaches at Margaret Court’s church during fraud trial break – updated*



Kong Hee with Victory Life Centre Operations Manager Robert Greaves, Hyatt Regency, Perth. Pic:Twitter

Kong Hee with Korean community members, Hyatt Regency, Perth. Pic:Twitter


19 thoughts on “Kong Hee teaches at Margaret Court’s church during fraud trial break – updated*

  1. “Wasn’t this Kong Hee guy a medical doctor?”
    No. Completely wrong.

    “That’s the story I heard.”
    You either heard wrong or you should have checked the story. Just look it up. 10 seconds and you’ll find out that the story was completely wrong.
    “VLC took heaps of my $$”
    Sue them then. No. They didn’t take it – you gave it to them. They say a fool and his money are soon parted. You don’t even know if Kong Hee was a doctor or not and are asking random people on the Internet when you can find out yourself. How about thinking before you write or give money.
    “then when I needed help and support ….. Nothing!”
    ……. Oh really. Why did you need help and support and what were you expecting?

    “VLC you are the proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing”. ”

    Kato, you are the proverbial very silly person.

    “Just another regilous cult!!”
    Says Karo who can’t spell or use google.

    “Man promotes man ….



  2. Wasn’t this Kong Hee guy a medical doctor? That’s the story I heard.VLC took heaps of my $$ then when I needed help and support ….. Nothing! VLC you are the proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing”. Just another regilous cult!! Man promotes man = power, greed, lust, lies, deceit, betrayal!


  3. Fraud are always hidden from naive publuc until they realuse it too late. From the earliest firm of frauds such as selling fake miracle medicines to today’s “religion” selling to con guillible audience especially the rich uneducated ones who give without questioning.

    From his fake degree from NCIU linked to Pringle, the current pastor in charge after Kong was arrested to his dictorate Dr which is not in theology but business adminustration from Hansei Unuversity linked to heretic, convicted Paul (David) Cho Yonggi and his son-in-law.

    All are part of a worldwide scam selling false Christianity. They teach cultic prosperity gospel base on Word Faith heresies and falsehoods.

    They reap millions from donors from many countries bypassing taxes in undeclared love gifts, speaker fees, selling materials, books and audios to escape taxes. This allow them to move millions to buy properties, stocks In this case Suntec shares to the tune of more than 300millions, he shares a bungalow at most expensive property at Sentosa Cove …. among hidden assets like mafias did in 60s.

    The governments are clueless how they acquired wealth. Money launderings are hiw they took rich donors to give to their charity. Then claiming tax rebates 2.5x which makes the rich enjoy the giving. That fleeced governments from their required taxes. They move funds in and out with rich couriers.

    By selling books, audios, videos … they move funds easily without detection in falsified expenses and invoices. Mafias use to do that selling liquors.

    FBI and Interpol should investigate their ill-fill-gotten assets.

    Crooks are scamming from the donors some in league with them, some unsuspecting faithfuls brainwashed to do their bidding. Cults operate like these to instill cell disciplines and command loyalties.

    At beginning of trials, they instructed their own followers to book seats and pist supports.

    All are scamming for free funds given from foolish rich donors.

    Many are Indonesians not paying taxes in Indonesia to enjoy tax rebates in Singapore which welcomes their wealths.


  4. “check out the Illuminati symbol at the end of this video”

    You were doing well until that one…. lol

    Some people see illuminati symbols in their cornflakes.


  5. Reposted from C3 Church Watch:

    When a Leader or public figure has had this much public attention and scrutiny, and the allegations have highlighted glaring areas of bad decision making and apparent deception, in order to enable trust to resume and to restore confidence, they need to communicate with the people who believed in their ministry or worked for their cause…..and if they want any credibility, they also need to communicate with the wider community who have been concerned about the issues.
    So IF they ARE truly desiring to show that they are now being honest and admitting some wrong doing, or that changes have been made, there are avenues of public communication such as a recorded public meeting, websites, face book, media releases etc. that are available to them to clarify their stand and help reduce some of the confusion and distrust that has built because of their many questionable decisions and actions.

    By the lack of any public apology or acknowledgement, it would appear that Kong Hee and Sun Ho have NOT said publicly that they were wrong for SPECIFIC issues.
    They have NOT called it SIN and REPENTED publicly.
    And they have NOT said that they are SORRY for the damage done to people’s ability to trust leadership, and to the credibility of the Body of Christ.
    They have NOT offered to return donations/offerings to those people who have felt that they were deceived.
    The CHC website STILL justifies sinful behaviour (especially in actors, artists, and musicians) in the Crossover Project propaganda…(I urge you to check it out….especially the garbage about ‘persona’ and Sun Ho’s entrance to the US).

    But it takes integrity and honesty to address specific areas, in repentance and SHOW THE FRUIT OF REPENTANCE!

    There is clear evidence that they have not repented:

    Kong Hee says: “I maintain my integrity” (and his many other statements claiming that he is being attacked and persecuted….even saying that God required him to go through this for God’s plans and purposes for his ministry). Kong Hee again said this sort of thing just this week at the VLC Conference, even quoting scripture to imply that he is suffering for his faith – and this was AFTER that Q&A session that AR.Bernard conducted. To most people, that Q&A session looks like a damage control attempt…..if it was real repentance, he would not have said what he did on Tuesday morning in Perth….and we would have seen a humbled man who shows insight).
    Sun Ho said “I am truly glad that I have been fully vindicated” ….sounds a bit like the Proverbs woman.
    Proverbs 30:20 This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth, And says, “I have done no wickedness.”

    The reason people write anonymously is to have a voice and warn others without reprisal….because unfortunately some churches have a culture that it’s ok to shoot the voice of concern, ignore it when people go through appropriate avenues of complaint, and not deal with the Leadership who is in error…because they are the ‘untouchables’.
    Change that culture and people will feel safe to put their name to their concerns!


  6. Reposted from C3 Church Watch:

    The sad thing is that they are good people at VLC….a bit naive but good!
    If they saw “China Wine” (a variation on the Jamaican dance hall ‘dirty wind’ that is similar to pole dancing), Kill Bill (all about revenge and murder), Fast Car (check out the Illuminati symbol at the end of this video), or the soundtrack to “You Stupid” that was not released, I doubt they would be buying Kong Hee’s hard sell about how God authorised him to release Sun to do this Crossover project bah, blah, blah….
    This is why Christians need to make sure they are informed, are sensitive to the HS, and discern for themselves by knowing what the Word says and not allowing themselves to be persuaded by clever or smooth preaching unless it lines up to God’s precious Word!

    I’m sure there are those that have checked out some, or all, of the news about the court case and the reasons behind the allegations (which are: a totally inappropriate concept of what evangelism and outreach looks like, and a fascination for fame, adulation and wealth)

    The standard responses in a church like this are:
    1. Be quiet and just pray for Kong Hee, Sun Ho and CHC.
    2. Don’t judge (walk in love and grace)
    3. “I don’t want to rock the boat and be seen to be rebellious….after all surely the Pastors know what they are doing”
    4. “I don’t want to look at that, as it is gossip”.
    5. We need to all be in unity or the world will see us and be put off…..in other words, “Don’t reveal the churches dirty laundry to the world”
    6. “We should support them at a time like this, not tear them down”

    …and of course there is the great Australian past-time….”I don’t want to get involved ….it’s not my business and quite frankly I can’t be bothered as it might cost me something!”

    The problem is that without accountability and discernment the Sheep are devoured, and the world sees it anyway and are disgusted and wary of such foolishness and control!

    The only answer is…yes pray of course, but conduct ourselves in honesty, accountability, transparency, and allow for the Biblical process whereby those with concerns have a voice, and can approach their leaders without being rebuked or labeled as rebellious. Leaders also must be protective and alert and recognize that the people under their care are a huge responsibility….you do not just open your pulpit up to anyone who has allegations of corruption and criminal charges without checking it all out and perhaps waiting for certain court findings to be revealed.

    This thought has occurred to me:
    If we showed on the huge Conference screens Kong Hee’s version of the Cultural Mandate,
    ie. China Wine, Kill Bill, Fast Car, You Stupid and displayed her shocking clothing at the various red carpet events…particularly that black dress with the shockingly revealing splits in the bodice, (that she herself said was purposely designed like that)
    ….and then played the Crossover Project multimedia presentation from CHC’s own website that justifies and supports this behaviour (saying it is a legitimate form of evangelism),

    No believer could sit through that in church without squirming, and there would be many questions asked of the leaders…..mainly,
    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING by allowing this to go unchallenged, without rebuking them privately, and without removing them from the speaking schedule???????

    There are so many of us around the world shaking our heads in wonder at how these things go unchallenged….how they get so out of hand????

    It’s because GOOD people do nothing!!!!!


  7. Btw if God had to apologise to Kong Hee what does He have to do to those killed in Kenya and Egypt?

    Sorry about that but sh*t happens.


  8. Come on on. This is Margaret Court gathering the persecuted church together to remember those killed in Kenya and Egypt. Kong Hee is being persecuted too so who else to better symbolise the righteous facing the forces of darkness. The lamb….

    I’m sure they took a big offering for the victims of Kenya and Egypt (after of course the love offering and miracle offering and praying for people’s headaches and small wallets).


  9. @Greg. People in Kenya had their noses ears and other body parts ripped off before they were killed.

    I’m amazed you have more anger towards Kong Hee than people who do that.

    Maybe you could go to Kenya and explain to the relatives of the people slaughtered why should be more upset about Hee. Might not be as easy as you think.


  10. @ groupsects – comment in moderation on the Hillsong sheep stealing article, accidently double posted the same comment 🙂 By the way do you have a contact email for this blog?


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