Healing meeting arrest


Click to play video – Pic:Deren Martinez/KTVB


KTVB reports…

“A woman from Oklahoma, who recently moved to Idaho to start a pilot Bible college, was arrested Wednesday on charges of embezzlement out of Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Melody Miles was arrested at Valley Church in Caldwell following a healing meeting where she was a guest speaker.

A tip from a KTVB viewer led to her arrest. The tip claimed that Miles was wanted in Oklahoma. KTVB independently verified the claims and discovered that Miles had warrants out for her arrest and that she and her husband Ken were in the middle of a felony embezzlement case.

We learned that Miles had two healing meetings scheduled for Wednesday, one at 10:30 a.m. at Valley Church in Caldwell and another at 7 p.m. at Life Church in Meridian.

KTVB involved police because of the possibility of Miles receiving donations without people knowing about the current charges against her.

A KTVB crew met police officers at Valley Church where they waited for Miles to finish speaking at the healing meeting she led.

When she was finished Miles and her husband Ken came out to officers who placed handcuffs on her and arrested her for the outstanding warrants.

After the arrest we spoke to lead Pastor Lynn Hardy who says Melody Miles and her husband Ken were referred to them from a church in Boise.

Hardy was surprised to see police show up to his church.

“When I was told they were here to arrest the speaker I was just stunned,” said Hardy. “I was shocked. I’ve never had anything like that happen here before.”

Hardy says he had no idea about Miles’ past, that she and her husband Ken are charged with three counts of embezzlement.

Court documents allege that between February 2008 and October 2010 the Miles were doing business as Barrington Design and Remodel Inc.

The documents outline four instances where the Miles took money and agreed to kitchen remodels and home repair, but never began work, and in most cases did not purchase any materials.

They received over $10,000 from four families and are accused of not making any or complete restitution.

Ken Miles was arrested on a warrant related to the charges in May, but Melody wasn’t, leaving her warrant outstanding until Wednesday’s arrest.

Hardy says neither his church, nor anyone from his congregation, gave the Miles any money.

“It’s something that we absolutely have to protect our congregation and then this state and our area if those charges are indeed true, then we certainly wouldn’t want to be funding their what appears to be their ministry,” said Hardy.

KTVB made a lot of phone calls but have not been able to confirm whether other churches or people in Idaho gave the Miles or Miles Global Ministries any money.

Officers arrested Miles around noon and booked her into the Canyon County Jail where she can either bond out or await extradition to Oklahoma.

Valley Church in Caldwell isn’t the only church the Miles have traveled to to share their message. They’ve spoken to a church in Boise and to Life Church in Meridian several times. We’re not sure if any of those churches or its members gave any money to the Miles or Miles Global Ministries.”

From http://www.ktvb.com/news/Minister-arrested-on-embezzlement-charges-226222811.html


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