Pastor shoots son-in-law dead

Click to play video – Pic:Capitol Broadcasting Company

WRAL reports…

“Harnett County authorities say a Raleigh man was fatally shot by his father-in-law Saturday morning at a home near Angier during what initially was reported to authorities as a domestic disturbance.

Sheriff’s deputies received a report shortly before 11 a.m. of someone communicating threats at a home at 11378 N.C. Highway 210 North. Six minutes later, they received another call in which emergency dispatchers learned that the caller had shot Christian Lamar Griggs.

Griggs, 23, of 19530 Colbert Creek Loop, was pronounced dead at WakeMed.

The shooter, investigators said, lives at the house and was present when deputies arrived.

Investigators have not said whether they plan to file charges against the shooter. His identity has not been released, but members of the Abundant Life Worship Center in Angier said the shooter was their pastor, Pat Chisenhall, who founded the church 25 years ago. 

Property records also show that Chisenhall and his wife own a home at the address where Saturday’s shooting occurred.

Chisenhall’s congregation said they were “heartbroken” but that the pastor acted in self defense.

“The son-in-law tried to break into the house, threaten them,” said Gary Adcock, a church member of 23 years. “He had no other recourse but to do what he did.”

Adcock said Griggs and his wife had recently separated and that she moved back home. The Chisenhall family, he said, filed for a restraining order against Griggs on Friday.

Adcock said Griggs was also a part of the church family. 

“He was a young, energetic, great guy. He had a great personality. Something just snapped,” Adcock said. “Actually he was baptized (here) three weeks ago.”



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