Perth Anglicans Gone Wild – The Empire Strikes Back – updated*

The West Australian reports…

“The Anglican Archbishop of Perth has again rejected a proposal to recognise same-sex relationships within his diocese.

The Reverend Chris Bedding of the Darlington-Bellevue Anglican parish put forward the resolution to the church’s synod last year. It was backed by the synod, but vetoed by the archbishop.

Father Chris put it forward again this year and two-thirds of the synod – both clergy and lay people – voted in favour of the resolution.

But on Monday, Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft advised the synod he was unable to support the motion.

He had hinted as much earlier this month, saying the wording of the motion was too general, and that open-ended recognition of diverse theologies and sexual identities was difficult.

“The church cannot formally accept certain behaviours,” the archbishop said.

“Sexual identity and theological diversity that permits abuse, promiscuity and exploitation is abhorrent.”

The motion will now be referred to the Provincial Council of the Province of WA for a final vote.”




*Disclosure – Group Sects is a former Perth Anglican


12 thoughts on “Perth Anglicans Gone Wild – The Empire Strikes Back – updated*

  1. I did say he would not give his assent – The use of the word ‘veto’ is inappropriate with respect to how Bishops in the Anglican church agree or decline to give their assent to any particular motion or ordinance passed on the floor of synod.


  2. It’s a little late but in response to your Churchlands – What Went Wrong?: I am now in a position of healing from the damage done in that place that finally allows me to just see the positives that came out of it – the small group of genuine people I met there. Including you. We have all definitely gone our different ways, but I am happy to say that whether we have remained fundamentalist christian, or found more answers as a pagan, catholic, agnostic or (in my case) atheist, we have still been able to see each other as human beings & respect & appreciate each other for our hearts, and not our place of worship. (And in some cases maintain strong friendships.) It’s great to find you & read your entries here Lance. I hope life is treating you well & that you are happy.
    Hannah Werdschinski (nee Lourensen)
    (Feel free to look me up on facebook or email)


  3. @Groupsects. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Really interesting.

    Probably though, based on your answer, most people in the world would consider you a Christian.

    Thanks again for the answer.


  4. “I’d be interested to know what you believe…”

    I still believe in Christ’s substitutionary atonement but no longer believe in church.

    I acknowledge the authority of the life and teachings and Jesus.

    However, I no longer regard the writings of Paul and other New Testament authors as ‘scripture’, but as interesting and insightful leaked internal church memos.

    “..or how you relate to God…”

    I assume there is a ‘Great Designer’ of everything and the Christian God is as good an explanation as any for the personhood of the GD. I only ‘pray’ in the sense that I regularly assume that the GD is taking care of everything, and in my experience, the GD has.

    “..or how you relate to /Jesus/..”

    This has been the major change for me in recent years. When I was in church I always saw Jesus as a threatening figure. Now I’m free of church, I no longer see Jesus as being ‘out to get me’.

    Studying Greek philosophy, seeing how that’s affected doctrines of the church, and understanding how Jesus was the antithesis of Greek philosophy has cleared my mind about who Jesus was/is and why much of the church doesn’t get Jesus.

    Also, I had a deep religious experience about a year ago when I was bashed and robbed at a local train station. It made the Bible’s account come alive about the bashing of Jesus before the substitutionary atonement.

    I also don’t pursue my faith in Jesus in a church setting as I find what I think about and experience in life is too deep for church people to handle.

    “..or how you relate to /spirituality/..”

    Spending 13 years now back working in a secular environment, has helped me realise that nearly everyone is very spiritual, but just doesn’t have the background knowledge or desire to incorporate that into the very narrow mindset of modern Christianity. I see myself as just blending in with society’s normal everyday spirituality, but with some extra background knowledge about the inner workings of the Christian faith.

    But, I don’t personally identify as a ‘Christian’.


  5. Reading the reasons for His Grace’s refusal to let the last vote stand, the quandary for the diocese is that they will be going against the Marriage Act ie though the Diocese might vote for it, it is still not lawful to marry same-sex couples.

    The same if the church wanted to reduce the age of marriage.


  6. Groupsects, you are done with church are you done with meeting with Christians?
    You seem really interested in the Christian world in general judging by the things you post -i.e not all about gay issues, and not all about the bad and ugly stuff either.

    I’d be interested to know what you believe, or how you relate to God/Jesus/ spirituality these days.


  7. “If the Anglican church officially okayed gay marriage….”

    I don’t personally support gay marriage, nor do I oppose gay marriage for those who wish to have it. It is a non-issue (and a passing fad).

    “and ordained gays at all levels…”

    I don’t support gay ordination because I don’t support ordination full-stop.

    “would you start attending again?”

    No. I think I’m done with church.


  8. It was passed with a two thirds majority before and the archbishop hit it on the head.

    Will probably happen again.


  9. “*Disclosure – Group Sects is a former Perth Anglican”

    If the Anglican church officially okayed gay marriage, and ordained gays at all levels, would you start attending again?


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