Stig martyr


Triple M reports…

“The Newcastle Knights have distanced themselves from comments made by Ryan Stig, the 23-year-old halfback uploading a letter to Facebook and Instagram in which homosexuality was labelled a “politically correct charade” and “demonic”.

“The Newcastle Knights does not discriminate against any person or race whether they are a player, supporter or employee within our organisation. We offer equal opportunities for any person to play a role in our Club and do not support the views of Ryan Stig.

“These comments are the personal opinion of Stig, based on his own beliefs and do not reflect those of the Club.”

Stig, who is a devout Christian, copped a backlash after the post which expressed his views on gay marriage.

One response was: “I hope one day you look back on this will (sic) sincere regret. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but this does nothing but breed hatred,” said follower Hannahbourkepr.”



3 thoughts on “Stig martyr

  1. that was me above.

    This guy can’t even string a sentence together coherently and he expects us to accept his views theologically? Keep to playing football (badly) and leave the theological commentary to the grow ups!


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