Pastor pill trafficking bust

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WSAZ reports…

“Members of the FADE Drug Task Force say they have busted what they call “Kentucky’s biggest pill trafficking organization.”

The director of the task force tells that one of the people arrested is Scott Gilliam, 42, of Olive Hill, who is the pastor at The Holiness Tabernacle Church in Olive Hill.

Gilliam is being held in the Carter County Detention Center on conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and possession with intent to distribute charges.

Brandon Logan, 28, of Olive Hill, was arrested on the same charges.

Friday’s arrests follow a year and a half long investigation that is being called “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. Their target was a large scale and organized drug operation.

Investigators say drugs and cash were seized during the searches that took place in Carter and Lewis Counties.

Investigators say both men were arrested at a construction site in Lewis County.

The director of the task force tells WSAZ that during the investigation, they found a large quantity of oxycodone pills in the church where Gilliam was pastor.”



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