Brian Tamaki is growing up

Pic:New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports…

“A controversial church leader and critic of homosexuality has made peace with a prominent transgender adversary as she battles kidney disease.

Destiny Church founder Brian and wife Hannah Tamaki paid $115 each to attend a fundraiser tribute last week for former Labour politician and Carterton mayor Georgina Beyer.

Friends and family hosted the evening at a Wellington cabaret venue to raise money for Beyer, who had been travelling to hospital four times a day for dialysis to stay alive.

During the evening, Tamaki posted a photo on social media of Beyer between the smiling couple.

Tamaki tweeted: “A bit of nostalgic history right here … we pray for Georgina and friends.”

Destiny Church media liaison Anne Williamson said: “Bishop and Pastor Hannah always show respect to people who work with people.

“Everyone who works hard for people deserves their respect.”

The pair had a heated exchange outside Parliament nearly 10 years ago when Destiny Church members opposed the Civil Union bill.

Tamaki has also publicly refused to acknowledge her sex change, referring to Beyer as a man.

The GayNZ website reported Beyer told those gathered that the couple’s attendance was about building a bridge. “Brian and Hannah, I see that gesture from you tonight as a beginning of a reconciliation, between not only you and I as individuals, but between our communities, I hope.”



Flashback 2003


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