Sideshow Danny pulls anti-Muslim rant from web

2011 Council video


Lance (Group Sects) writes…

There one day. Gone the next.

Here is the rant by Catch The Fire Ministries pastor Danny Nalliah from the CTF and Rise Up Australia Party websites which was mysteriously removed from both sites within 24 hours.

Danny Nalliah writes…

“Media Release: Is the Muslim Mayor the cause of the death of Christmas greetings in Dandenong city?

General Immediate Media Release 21st November 2013

“Yes, the mayor of Dandenong is a Muslim. It’s none other than Jim Memeti, once again elected as mayor.

He believes in multiculturalism and celebrates all festivals. So don’t mention Christmas as it supposed to be offensive to all the multicultural people in Dandenong.

Well, according to Dandenong Councillor John Kelly as reported this week in the Dandenong Leader, Council is removing the word ‘Christmas’ as it might offend the multicultural society in Dandenong.

Instead, ‘Seasons Greetings’ will replace the word ‘Christmas’ in all decorations.

Has political correctness gone mad?

Where do Western nations draw the line?

Multiculturalism has proved to be a great failure all throughout Europe and Western nations are losing their Judeo-Christian heritage and culture.

Throughout history, Christmas has been celebrated in most countries across the world, including Buddhist majority countries, Hindu majority countries and even some Muslim countries.

Public displays of Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, Santa, etc. have been going on for hundreds of years all over the world.

Even the island nation of Sri Lanka, 70% Buddhist & 20% Hindu, has a full life size Nativity scene at the International Airport with the words ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

Unfortunately, due to adopting multiculturalism, Western nations have chosen to sacrifice their own culture and way of life which has been the actual reason for their past success as great nations.

This is why so many people from so many countries want to live in a nation such as Australia.

If multiculturalism is the cause why some local councils do not want to use the word ‘Christmas’ then I think that all people who celebrate Christmas should rise up and protest, as it seems to me that a small minority of people are wielding their voice and power to control the majority of the country.

It’s time that we call on all local, state and federal government to stop pandering to the minority voice and let the nation celebrate its rich Judeo-Christian heritage.

It shocks me that in most cases in most parts of the world, people who claim to be offended at the word ‘Christmas’ seem to be Muslims living in the West.

It does not surprise me that the Dandenong Council with a Muslim Mayor has decided to follow the same path in removing Christmas celebrations.

One needs to understand the whole idea of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and if the main theme is lost, then there is no reason to celebrate.

Rise Up Australia Party is calling on the Dandenong Council and all other Councils to get rid of political correctness which is causing the death of the real meaning of Christmas.

This is another clear example of the failure of multiculturalism and interfaith because it causes people of the host country (West) to hide their own identity and culture in order to accommodate other cultures,” said RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah.

MEDIA INQUIRIES Telephone: Daniel Nalliah on (03) [xxxx xxxx] or Media Contact: Melanie


Authorised by Barry Fitzsimons 23 Melverton Dr Hallam 3173″


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