Destiny defection – updated*


The New Zealand Herald reports…

“Negative posts from a Destiny Church pastor about defector Richard Lewis have been shared online by Bishop Brian Tamaki.

Lewis spent 13 years as Tamaki’s right-hand man before resigning from the controversial church three months ago.

He is to start preaching today at The Dream Centre at Manukau City – not far from the Destiny Church, school and gym he helped create.

“I resigned from Destiny in September. I came to an end of that journey,” Lewis said yesterday. “I served that vision with all my heart and am very thankful to have had that opportunity.”

He would not comment about negative comments on social media. One post, from senior pastor of Destiny Christchurch Derek Tait, was shared by Tamaki yesterday. “We need another church to open in NZ – YEA RIGHT.”

Lewis was upset when shown the post yesterday but refused to speak ill of his former colleagues.

“I hope for every success for Destiny.”

The decision to leave Destiny Church had not come easily and had affected his whole family.

His children were no longer at Destiny School and the family was looking at other options near their East Auckland home.”


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