Priest congratulates Adam & Steve


2 thoughts on “Priest congratulates Adam & Steve

  1. The sodomites ie inhabitants of Sodom weren’t homosexual. They were bisexual gang rapists.

    The Sodom account parallels Judges 19:16-30.

    Except this time the mob raped the concubine.

    And yes God made Adam and Steve.


  2. The entire conversation changes just a bit when you call it what it (homosexuality) is… sodomy (rather than “gay”). I hold no ill in my heart toward any person be they straight or sodomite. We all have sin. We all have fallen short of God’s glory. We all are in desperate need of God’s grace, so I do not look down my nose at someone because they have sin. But the answer to the problem is not to suddenly proclaim that there is nothing wrong with sin. Saying Jesus had two dads is just stupid. Jesus’ dads were not sodomites, nor were they married to each other. Stupid analogy! I agree that Christians are often too harsh on people because of their sin, but again, the answer is not to suddenly throw up billboards proclaiming that sodomy is good in the sight of God (which is essentially what this guy is doing). The answer is Jesus; the Savior of the world! The answer is the Holy Spirit, which gives us the power to put to death the deeds of the flesh, whatever they may be. To me things like this just illustrate all the more how corrupt organized, institutional religion is. I don’t care what denominational group a person belongs to, the point is that when a leader like this takes charge and heralds the banner for false doctrine and sin, many masses of people follow into the error. When many church people worry that if you don’t attend church, you will become more susceptible to deception, I just hold up examples like this one (and there are many)… When a church organization falls into error, the results are most of then widespread and devastate many lives. Is it any wonder that Jesus himself said, “when two or three of you are gathered…” and not four or five hundred or thousand? There is something to said for keeping it simple and small. I still believe the Lord is calling to all who have ears to hear, “Come out of her My people and be separate from her.” The institutional “church” system is NOT the Lord’s assembly! It is a fraud! It’s nothing more than a man-made organization. Adam and Steve can go to this goofball’s church if they want to… They can go there and find acceptance for their sin. How much better to sit at the feet of Jesus, to have the heart cleansed of pride and clothed with humility, to have all sins washed away, and to follow the Master – even as His Spirit helps us purge the old deeds of the flesh from our lives, whatever they may be. God bless!


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