Sloshfest Down Under – Embracing your Inner Stupid – updated*

Sons Of Thunder Ministries and Publications announced…

“Sloshfest is a celebratory event of supernatural refreshing in the unspeakable joy of our salvation! Are you looking for happy Christianity? Come experience the love feast of Jesus with us. Join us as we tour Down Under at five locations – or make a pilgrimage and attend the whole tour! These events are all about fun in the presence of God and receiving fresh revelatory downloads. Expect an atmosphere of miracles and transformation as we saturate in the happy gospel.

These are wild, frolicking glory parties – feel free to come in costume or party attire — it’s a no-holds barred, depression-free zone!

There is an ecstatic grace movement afoot in the Body of Christ and the Lord is infusing his people with a fresh awakening of the finished work of the cross. Come to Sloshie for a mega-dose of grace theology, packed with deep teaching and hands-on impartation and activation.


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