Rookie Archbishop uses video selfie to denounce selfies

The ABC reports…

“Church leaders across Australia have issued Christmas messages, addressing the “selfie” phenomenon, calling on followers to have the courage of their convictions, and urging people to remember those less fortunate.

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, used his first annual message to contemplate the rise of the selfie photo.

Oxford Dictionaries declared “selfie” the word of the year, while a photo of Pope Francis appearing in a selfie photo with a group of teenagers went viral earlier this year.

Archbishop Davies says while many people cringe at the self-centredness of the social media trend, “the image of God” is in the self portraits.

“At Christmas time we should remember that there is an ultimate self-image, the image of God, which far outweighs the supercilious picture of a face filling our screen,” he said.

“We are all stamped with the image of God and it is this image that makes us precious in his sight.

“As you look at the pictures you take this Christmas, some will be joyful and some scenes may be sad, but you will look at faces that have the self-image of God – those for whom Jesus came to offer new life….”



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