Churches pushing Uganda gay crackdown past final hurdle


New Vision reports…

“President Yoweri Museveni has said he will first peruse the anti-gay Bill before signing it into law.

“I will first go through it. If I find that it is right I will sign but if I find that it is not right I will send it back to Parliament”, he said.

The President was reacting to the comment made by the head of the Pentecostal Churches in Uganda, Apostle Joseph Serwadda, calling on the President to sign the Bill against homosexuality that was passed last week by Parliament.

The Bill seeks, among other things, to slap charges of life imprisonment to those found guilty of the acts.

The President, who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni, was the chief guest at the Christmas prayers that were organized by the Pentecostal Church at Daystar Cathedral in Mbarara Municipality in South Western Uganda.

The prayers attracted delegations from other religious denominations including those from the United States of America and Finland…”



27 thoughts on “Churches pushing Uganda gay crackdown past final hurdle

  1. Maybe he got it right about Signposts but I don’t think the earthquakes/tsunami ones came to pass.

    Unless of course people repented in NZ but the signposts people didn’t ….?

    Yep that’s it. The righteous shook the dust off their feet and left, and the bad guys didn’t repent.
    Well, you were warned. 🙂


  2. I think I’m the only one left at signposts – Our NZ brother prophesied our doom – maybe he was right after all! We still get decent numbers of people visiting – more in fact than before – just no one posting.


  3. Gregory, well done. Now how is it that Einstein aka Talmud Bones could look all over the “friggin internet” and not find that.

    Which is what annoys the hell out of me. That fool berates and insults and mocks evangelicals constantly but has the research and reasoning skills of a dead cat in a Kiberian rubbish dump!!!

    People like him aren’t qualified to copy and paste let alone teach.

    If he could debate sensibly me and others would still be at signposts.

    It’s a shame.


  4. Actually the site I linked to – after a rudimentary search Bones, suggests the man was burned alive as a convicted thief…not gay, not in Uganda.

    This is not to say that the laws in Uganda are right – nor that gays are not treated abhorrently in Uganda – but just as we detest the right using wrongly attributed photos and information for their own benefit – we should not do the same Bones.


  5. From what I can find the photo is about a man of unknown sexuality burned alive for unknown reasons in a slum called Kibera, built on a rubbish dumnp, which is not in Uganda but in Nairobi in Kenya. Before you click on this link, you need to be aware there is a photo of a baby boy found dead in the dump…, this place is truly horrendous – we don’t know the luxury we live in


  6. “After fricking searching every corner of the net I found one site which cast doubts to the veracity of the picture and yes it may well not be what it claimed.”

    Then you are completely incompetent. Not worth arguing with. Unbelievably inept!
    I always suspected I was dealing with a feeble minded man. Now I’m convinced.
    You’ve lost all credibility.


  7. As for verification

    Video 1

    After fricking searching every corner of the net I found one site which cast doubts to the veracity of the picture and yes it may well not be what it claimed.

    Video 2

    Published on Dec 23, 2013
    Ssekasi John aged 29 was a business man who always hosted
    male friends at his home in Kasangati. On Sunday as he was
    at Kalerwe Market stage, one of the boda boda riders refused to
    ride him home simply because he one of the riders on the same
    stage had informed him that he (Ssekasi John) was a gay who
    at one time wanted to have annual sex with him….Its at that point
    that other riders started attacking him and hence ended up using
    mob justice onto him…..Its now official that being a gay or lesbian
    leads you to life imprisonment in Uganda.

    That’s according to youtube.


  8. “Nice work Evangelicals.Homosexual man burned alive in Uganda after passing of anti-gay laws.”

    Nice work Internet. You sucked Talmud Bones right in once again. This man wasn’t homosexual. He wasn’t burned alive after the passing of anti-gay laws. And he wasn’t even in Uganda. Bones, you should be fired! Fooled again!

    What kind of evil propaganda is going on when people publish fake photographs in order to push an agenda and stir up hatred. And more than that, what kind of teacher refuses to apologise after he has been told that he is publishing false material? Is that mental illness or just pride? Or both?


  9. And bones the coward runs like a dog – and doesn’t have the common decency to admit he’s wrong.
    Tallykibera. That’s your new name!

    Hey Tallykibera, tell Lance your post was a fake and you’ve realised you just got sucked in to an urban legend. (Like with the Talmud). Sucked right in. I can only hope you only teach elementary school…. surely that don’t let you near high school kids!!

    Are you that proud that you can’t admit it? lol



    So, you are now WILFULLY disseminating fake material. Wow. Good night. So, hopefully there will be an apology and retraction in the next day.


  10. Rewriting the anti-gay history of Rick Warren in Uganda

    Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback megachurch, traveled to Uganda in 2008 and declared that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus is not a human right. The next year, the anti-gay bill that became this year’s Anti-Homosexuality Law was first introduced in Uganda’s parliament. In this commentary, Eric Ethington, communication director at Political Research Associates in Massachusetts, discusses the recent attempts by Warren and Pastor Scott Lively to distance themselves from their previous statements, now that the harsh law has been enacted.


    As a communications person myself, I can really appreciate a good PR campaign, and the best I’ve seen in a long time is the new effort by U.S. right-wing evangelicals to completely whitewash their own history of involvement with Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law.

    For the last five years, human rights advocates around the world been discussing how U.S. conservative figures were integrally involved in the creation of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (originally called the “Kill the Gays Bill”). Vast amounts of research have been produced on the involvement of conservatives such as Rick Warren (who posted a YouTube video supporting California’s Prop 8 only to later take it down and deny it ever happened), and hours of undercover footage were taken of Scott Lively (famous for claiming the Nazi Party was really a gay club in his book The Pink Swastika) in Kampala, Uganda, advocating the bill’s creation with local political and religious leaders.

    As evidence of their involvement has spread throughout the U.S., the public’s sentiment on these characters’ involvement has soured considerably. This was exacerbated when, last month, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law, ascribing life-in-prison sentences to LGBTQ people in the African nation and criminalizing advocacy of homosexuality.

    The American public is finally taking notice. Story after story in major media outlets (The Guardian, Real News Network, The Rachel Maddow Show, and the National Journal in just the last few weeks) is running about these right-wing evangelicals’ involvement, and the millions of dollars they’ve poured into Uganda, Nigeria, Russia, and elsewhere in carefully crafted campaigns to train local pastors and political leaders how to use culture wars-talking points for an all-out attack on LGBTQ people.

    So if you were a right-wing public figure, and all of a sudden found yourself standing alone, staring down the barrel of public anger over your past work, what would you do?

    For most public figures, it would be a career-ending disaster. But when you’ve got the money, the personnel, and a stellar PR team, you just might be able to convince the rest of us of a simple little lie: They were against the law in the first place.

    The process of turning someone who claims “gay = Nazi” and that “equal rights = condoning pedophilia” into a “moderate” is quite the sight to behold.

    Step 1: Float the New Idea

    In an interview on NPR’s “Tell Me More” program, Scott Lively wasted no time distancing himself from the criminalization measures in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Almost before host Michel Martin could finish introducing him, Lively jumped in with, “I have mixed feelings about the bill. I support the provisions that increase penalties for homosexual abuse of children and intentional spreading of AIDS through sodomy. But I think the other provisions are too harsh, and I don’t support those and I wish they’d gone in a different direction.”

    Quite the change from the Scott Lively of 2009, who wrote a blog post while in Uganda where he admitted meeting with local lawmakers, warning Ugandans “how bad things would be” if it was not illegal to be an LGBTQ person, and that his campaign to enact legislation further persecuting sexual minorities was “a nuclear bomb against the ‘gay’ agenda in Uganda.” He concluded, “I pray that this, and the predictions, are true.”

    Step 2: Create a New Image

    For the last several years, Pastor Rick Warren has been successfully advancing his media blitz to get people talking about anything other than his stance on homosexuality. In December of last year, he was featured in TIME Magazine talking about his new weight-loss plan. This same story has been pushed hard by Warren’s PR team, resulting in features in Parade Magazine and NPR—none of which mentioned his flip-flop on Prop 8, or his involvement with the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda.

    Step 3: Strategically Place Reinforcements of Your Talking Points

    Following the NPR story with Lively, a new article surfaced on the Religious News Service, expertly titled “U.S. evangelicals on the defense over Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.”

    Staging the piece as a journalistic interview, author Sarah Pulliam Bailey basically transcribes a press release from Scott Lively and Rick Warren, disavowing themselves of their involvement:

    California megachurch pastor Rick Warren, too, posted on his Facebook page on Sunday (March 2) denying allegations that he ever supported the Uganda bill….

    Scott Lively, a Massachusetts pastor and head of Abiding Truth Ministries, said that he is not responsible for the bill.

    “It’s a very insulting argument, that somehow an American evangelical pastor is so powerful that I’ve overwhelmed the intelligence of an entire government and turned them out to do my will,” Lively said. “The Ugandans knew what they wanted to hear.”

    He said he does not support the bill in its final form.

    Never mind that Lively himself has admitted on several occasions that he had seen and reviewed the original “Kill the Gays Bill” before it had been released to the public. Despite the ample evidence of Lively and Warren’s involvement in Uganda, none of it is mentioned. There isn’t even a hint at what pro-human rights groups have found in their research.

    Step 4: Spread the Word

    Now that they’ve gotten their press release printed as if it were an accredited journalistic account, the right-wing PR campaign can push to get mainstream outlets to reprint. The whitewashed article has been republished not only on small sites like Spokane Faith & Values, but on major outlets like The Washington Post.

    As is typical with controversial and nuanced stories, the simple talking points are much easier to publish. Why bother researching what these right-wing evangelicals have said and done beyond U.S. borders, when they’re willing to tell American media a completely different—and significantly more palatable—story on camera?

    The Fatal Flaw

    This massive PR campaign has only made one mistake so far, but it’s a big one. Rick Warren has, by far, been the most successful at misleading the public into thinking he’s a moderate. He’s been at it for years. If the campaign had aimed to only wash Warren’s hands of Ugandan LGBTQ blood, it would probably succeed with flying colors. But the efforts have been ambitious than that.

    The inclusion of Scott Lively throws the door wide open for the public to see this PR stunt for what it is. While few people other than researchers on the ground have seen Warren at work in Africa—partnering with local anti-gay clergy and feeding them the funds necessary to push through the Anti-Homosexuality Bill—plenty of people have heard Scott Lively on air or in his writings comparing LGBTQ people to rapists and pedophiles.

    Plenty of people have seen undercover videos from Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma of Scott Lively in Uganda explaining that if they don’t enact anti-gay legislation then gays from America will come and recruit their children. And plenty of people have seen the videos of Scott Lively on Ugandan TV with the vehemently anti-gay Pastor Martin Ssempa, saying that Uganda needed to enact the Anti-Homosexuality Law and criminalize LGBTQ people in order to save children from being “recruited.”

    There’s no question of right-wing evangelical involvement in Uganda’s anti-gay legislation. The work has been verified and fact-checked by researchers around the globe, organizations like Amnesty International, and outlets such as the New York Times. There’s a reason a court refused to throw out the case against Scott Lively for crimes against humanity.

    It’s not just human rights advocates who are shocked by the turnabout from these conservatives. The anti-gay clergy in Uganda they’ve spent years training are shocked as well. Pastor Martin Ssempa was so surprised he published a letter addressed to Rick Warren, asking why he was changing his story [after Warren published a video opposing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in 2009].

    When you came to Uganda on Thursday, 27 March 2008, and expressed support to the Church of Uganda’s boycott of the pro-homosexual church of England, you stated; “The Church of England is wrong, and I support the Church of Uganda”. You are further remembered to say, “homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus (it’s) not a human right. We shall not tolerate this aspect at all”.

    Good PR work has a tendency to override facts. Tell people that something didn’t happen enough times, and eventually they’ll start to believe it. It’s up to us to tell the truth louder and more often.

    This commentary was originally published by Political Research Associates as “Scott Lively & Rick Warren: The PR Campaign to Whitewash the Right’s Anti-Gay Uganda History.” It is reprinted here by permission.


  11. Bones, if you’re really that stupid, I’ll give you a hint. Kibera. Another one. Kenya. Kenya and Uganda are different countries. You teach your students African geography?

    Look up Kibera. Look up the great work evangelicals have done there.

    Then go on a search for the photo.

    Then maybe check out snopes, or even your old standby…google! lol

    Then repent. Then apologise. Then kick yourself in your backside.
    Then promise that you’ll stop such sloppy work.

    I suggest you take some medication, and instead of your claytons research, you work more on lesson preparation for tomorrow’s lessons (if you really are a teacher…?) , or do some remedial courses on fact gathering.


  12. See Bones! lol You run like a coward!!!!!rotfl

    VERIFY your sources, don’t just paste something else. You are making Lance look terrible.
    I wouldn’t appeal to him if i were you. You are posting garbage on his site.

    Prove the photos you posted. And admit you were once again WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    That is unethical, stupid, and really just evil Bones.


  13. And for pete’s sake, learn to write your own sentences!!! This is why you keep making these dreadful mistakes! Because you just keep endlessly copying and pasting other peoples work, and you don’t even verify it. Maybe you don’t even read it!

    Once again, Bones, the author of this blog, and any readers – this burned man is not from Uganda…..


  14. Ooops, look like Evangelicals have been sharing the love in Nigeria too. You better check it out though, Lance.

    Hopefully everyone checks it out.

    You Thought It Was Tough Being Gay in Uganda. “It’s Hell in Nigeria.”

    Around midnight on February 13, a young Nigerian man named Femi* was jolted out of his evening prayer by shouting outside his window. A crowd of some 40 people had gathered around his house. “No more homosexuals in Gishiri!” they yelled, referring to Femi’s neighborhood within Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. The mob broke down his door and dragged him outside in his boxers. They beat him and about 13 other gay men that night with broken furniture, machete handles, sticks, and a garden rake, vowing to kill them if they didn’t clear out of the neighborhood.

    The attack, and other acts of vigilante violence targeting gays and lesbians around the country, was motivated by a new anti-gay law that Nigeria’s president signed January 7. The measure, modeled off the one that Uganda enacted in late February, levies harsh prison sentences on anyone who makes a “public show” of a “direct” or “indirect” same-sex relationship or supports an LGBT organization (10 years), and anyone who attempts to enter into a same-sex marriage (14 years), even though this would be virtually impossible in Nigeria. The anti-gay backlash the law has provoked in Nigeria has led not just to violence, but to homelessness, unemployment, harassment, and a steep drop-off in HIV/AIDS treatment.

    John Adeniyi narrowly escaped the attack in Gishiri and has been recording accounts of the violence that night. He’s a human rights program officer at the International Center for Advocacy on Rights to Health (ICARH), an HIV intervention organization based in Abuja. To find out what life is like for Nigeria’s gay community under the country’s new law—and what gay Ugandans are starting to face—I visited with Adeniyi during a recent trip to Nigeria.

    “All the [Gishiri] victims are presently homeless,” Adeniyi told me, explaining that Femi and the other victims are afraid to return to their homes, lest their neighbors make good on their pledge to kill them. “Including me. I cannot go back to Gishiri village.” After the attack, members of the mob spray-painted homophobic slogans on the homes of residents suspected of being gay.

    Four of the residents who were attacked that night subsequently lost their jobs after their employers discovered their sexuality, according to several victims. Chukwuemeka*, a 22-year-old living with HIV, used to work as a cashier. He was fired after the February mob attack, and he now spends his nights in a roadside auto repair shack. Femi owns a clothing boutique, but now he is afraid to go back. “Next week the bank will start calling me,” he says, referring to an overdue payment he owes on a 100,000 Naira (about $600) loan he took out to start his business.

    As in most African countries, homosexuality has been illegal in Nigeria since the British colonial era, but convictions were rare. Nigerians used to be generally tolerant of LGBT people in their midst, even if they were homophobic, Adeniyi says, but the new law—imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality—has stirred up a wave of anti-gay sentiment in the deeply religious country. “People already knew that people were gay,” he says. “Now, what we have seen is tenants threatening other tenants, saying, ‘I’m going to expose you. I know what you do.’…Now they can call the police and get people convicted.”

    And since the law does not define who is gay and who is not, the police and the general public are making the determination themselves, sparking witch hunts around the country. Adeniyi says that the head of the police department where Gishiri victims were held overnight after the attack, told them he knew they were gay, citing several arbitrary characteristics: “He said, ‘You, because you wrote down you’re a hairdresser, you must be gay…The two of you, because you guys live together, you have to be gay.’ He talked to one other, and said, ‘I’m sure you picked up a gay personality because you schooled abroad.'”

    In addition to discrimination and harassment, Nigeria’s new law has already led to a sharp decline in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in a country that has the second highest HIV rate in the world. About 3.4 million Nigerians are infected and some 17 percent of the gay population has the disease. The anti-gay law discourages people from seeking treatment for fear that doing so could out them as gay, and it also criminalizes organizations that serve the LGBT community.

    Adeniyi estimates that since the law took effect in January, the number of patients coming into ICARH for HIV treatment has dropped by over 50 percent. “One person told me he would rather die…than come to the organization” and risk imprisonment, he says. He adds that LGBT couples living with HIV may also be discouraged from going to the doctor for couples counseling, out of fear that the doctor may turn them over to the police.

    Eight organizations that provide HIV treatment and prevention services in northern Nigeria have cut back on HIV outreach, training, and education programs, according to Dorothy Aken’Ova, executive director of Nigeria’s International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE). “People thought, ‘You know what? I don’t want to be in prison because I’m providing treatment for these gay homosexual people,'” Adeniyi says. He expects more organizations will drop their programs in the coming months.

    ICARH has had to scale back, too. The group has halted outreach events designed to encourage people to get tested due to concerns that the authorities might interpret this as an effort to aid the gay community. “Since the law has been passed, we are doing counseling and testing, but we have suspended outreaches.”

    UNAIDS, a United Nations program to combat HIV/AIDS, and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria have warned the new law could hinder progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. In late January, the US Ambassador to Nigeria said the law might impede US efforts to help Nigeria fight the epidemic. Even social scientists have been scared off from taking stock of HIV trends in Nigeria—data that can improve the response to the epidemic—until the government can assure researchers that they will be exempt from punishment under the law, says Aken’Ova of INCRESE.

    The anti-gay crackdown in Nigeria and Uganda is part of a broader trend in Africa, where at least seven other African countries have recently moved to tighten their anti-homosexuality laws. In many cases, lawmakers in these countries have been spurred to action by American anti-gay activists and the Christian right, who in some cases stoked fears of homosexuals preying on African children. US evangelicals have had a hand in anti-gay legislation and constitutional reform measures in Nigeria, Uganda, Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, Zambia, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe.

    Thanks to their efforts, life for more and more gay Africans is beginning to look like Chukwuemeka’s. “After they passed the bill into law—wow. It’s hell in Nigeria,” he says. “Nobody wants to see you. When you walk, they say, ‘Why are you walking like this? Are you a gay?'”


  15. Validate those photos.
    And when you can’t. You should make an open apology and admit again to your total incompetence.
    You aren’t qualified to be posting hate material.


  16. “As for education, my students would be revolted by this, as would the vast majority of decent people, Christian or not.

    It would make an excellent example of the use of propaganda to demonise and destroy minority groups who mean no harm, but are different.”

    Let me talk to your students and give them examples of your blind hatred and the anti-semite literature you circulate. And also the fake photos that you paste on without checking.

    This is disgusting Bones. You don’t know the first thing about Uganda. If you did, you’d know about which photos to copy and paste.

    What’s the name of your school?


  17. Yes Lance, Please check it out. And hopefully Bones will have at least the decency to check it out himself.

    So Bones, when were those photos taken?
    By whom?
    Who originally uploaded them and why?

    Do some research and I’m sure you will be surprised.

    There is NO HATRED of the extend I have seen more than coming from Bones to evangelicals.

    Check out the origins of that photo. And the baby photo. Amazing. Does Bones know ANYTHING about the work of evangelical missionaries in other countries?

    NO, because he is a hate-filled moron, who can’t even copy and paste without checking sources.

    It’s something a teacher should do.

    Bones, you are not only a nasty hateful man, but you are totally incompetent. Stop blindly circulating anti-jewish material and anti-christian material.

    So, Bones. check out your sources and then delete this material.

    Shame! Really, you are a shameful hateful buffoon!

    I hope nobody takes any of you wannabe internet “research” seriously.

    You’ve done it again. Mr Hate.

    So, what’s the name of your school? You really have to stop this.

    Oh, if you don’t know how to research on the net, I can help you……


  18. As for education, my students would be revolted by this, as would the vast majority of decent people, Christian or not.

    It would make an excellent example of the use of propaganda to demonise and destroy minority groups who mean no harm, but are different.


  19. It’s the Muslims fault….

    Oh wait a minute!

    Uganda’s anti-gay law a travesty

    I never pull back from criticizing Muslim fundamentalists when they commit horrors, nor can I remain silent when Christians act appallingly. The current campaign against homosexuals in Uganda is largely the result of the efforts of indigenous evangelical Christians and American evangelical groups pumping money and support into this anti-gay campaign.

    I am not making a direct comparison between the countless acts of Islamic terror and what is going on in Uganda, but I have to speak out against this travesty of justice.

    Uganda considered the death penalty for the “crime” of homosexuality but diluted it earlier this week to life prison sentences. It also obliges Ugandans to inform on their fellow citizens who are gay.

    The American government is becoming extremely precious and questioning continuing foreign aid but that’s utter hypocrisy. Saudi Arabia treats women appallingly, let alone gay people, and yet remains a close U.S. ally and recipient of enormous amounts of Washington’s cash. But then Uganda has no oil supplies.

    But the deeper issue here is that this is unjust, unfair, inhumane, wrong, immoral, anti-God, dark, hideous and stupid. This isn’t the place for a discourse about the nature of sexuality, but in my experience if people are not born gay they certainly find themselves attracted to those of the same gender at a very early age. A tiny few might choose their sexuality but this is largely irrelevant. What consenting people do in private as long as it harms nobody is absolutely up to them.

    I find some of the excesses of the pride parade vulgar and annoying and I find some of the intolerance and triumphalism of gay activists in North America and Europe to be offensive. But this has nothing to do with the fact that in Uganda and much of Africa, Russia and even allegedly progressive Brazil, gay people are beaten up, persecuted, killed. Imagine just for a moment if your child was gay and suffered such a fate simply for being who and what they were. Imagine if your brother or sister had to live in hiding, was called a pervert or a sodomite, was beaten, even murdered.

    People in Uganda are mistreated not because they are evil, dishonest or cruel, but just because they love people of their own sex. It’s barbaric and unacceptable. Uganda has a rape crisis, it struggles against poverty, its schools are underfunded, infrastructure is poor, AIDS is endemic. Yet the government believes arresting gay people is the solution to their problems.

    National newspapers have outed gay people in Uganda, leading to beatings and killings, gay teenagers, terrified of revealing their sexuality, feel desperately alone and isolated and then take their own lives.

    Some even in Canada, however, are ambivalent about this or are convinced there is a gay agenda, a conspiracy, something sinister going on. Sorry, but while I don’t know any homosexuals who want to make other people homosexual I know many homophobes who want to make other people homophobic.

    See through the collective to the individual – the ordinary, flesh and blood, living, loving, individual. As for Uganda, you’re better than this. So much better than this.


  20. Yeah go for it Lance.

    Check it out.

    If only our country was as righteous as Uganda.

    It’s what’s to be expected when you demonise others.

    You can burn them alive or bash them to death with posts. Christians have done it in the past and now they’re enabling others to do it again.

    The more things change, the more things stay the same.

    It’s not the gays you need to be afraid of.


  21. Okay, Bones. What’s the name of your school..

    This is just getting ridiculous. Or are you lying? Seriously? Are you a teacher?
    God help the next generation.


  22. By the way Lance. I think you should really check into the accuracy of what Bones posts.

    He copies and pastes many things and doesn’t check. In his blind hatred of all things evangelical he posted this. From everything I have read, this is NOT a picture of a gay man burned alive in Uganda. And not by Christians.

    Bones, is in fact a MORON. In the past he copied and pasted information alleging the vilest things about what Jews believed from the Talmud. But it was all COMPLETELY false.

    Bones, thinks he smart, but really is CLUELESS. He should already have gone and apologised for disseminating anti-semite propaganda from revisionist hate sites. That was inexcusable. I honestly think he should not be allowed to teach.

    And now he has posted this. It’s on YOUR website Lance. Can you please verify that this picture that BONES has posted is ACTUALLY of a gay man in Uganda.

    I don’t think it is. And the original photographer who uploaded it, never once said it was from Uganda.

    I am really disgusted with Bone’s unprofessional, and honestly, basically moronic posting behaviour.

    He is slanderous.

    You may think this is a slight thing, but I’ve read the responses of homosexuals on the internet regarding this photo. Some American gays are saying “we should kill the Christians” and “kill the missionaries” who are causing people to be burned alive.

    This is serious.;

    Bones!!! Stop it you cretin! Verity this picture. And if its wrong apologise. I don’t think many parents of students in Bundaberg would be happy that their teacher is so clueless, and ignorant and incompetent.

    I’Ve warned you about this in the past. Use your brain!

    If you can’t, then refrain from your maniacal copy and pasting.

    Are you really that stupid? Didn’t the false Talmud from the anti-Semite website teach you anything????


  23. More great posting by Bones. Very selective. But Bones will never post Bali bombing pics or pictures of corpses killed by Muslim terrorists. Go ahead Bones. You really are a pathetic creep.

    So, you’re an ex-christian who doesn’t believe. No need to become a Saul. Your hatred will kill you.
    What does your wife think about what you post?

    Does she know how much you hate her kind?


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