Megachurch leader resigns over affairs

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KTVK reports…

“Mark Connelly, the former lead pastor of Mission Community Church in Gilbert, has resigned amid allegations of extramarital affairs.

Church leaders tell 3TV that information was brought to their attention last Sunday, which is when they confronted Connelly.

“We had received some information last Sunday that we took to our lead pastor, Mark Connelly, and presented it to him, and he ended up confessing,” said interim pastor Gary Sutliff.

They say that he admitted to the affairs then turned in his resignation when asked.

Members of the church indicated that the affairs involved women from the congregation, but out of respect for their privacy, they didn’t elaborate.

“We’re focused on the healing process for ourselves,” Sutliff said. “We’re concerned for Mark and his wife. They are friends. They are family to us. We’re doing all we can to help them on their road to recovery. All those people involved, we’re concerned about them, as well.”

The congregation will pick a new permanent lead pastor from its leadership.”






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