Exorcism victim loses assault case


WATE reports…

“Assault and false imprisonment charges filed against a Sevier County pastor were dismissed by a judge Wednesday.

Andrew Byrd of Sevierville filed a lawsuit against the Family Chapel Church of God in Pigeon Forge, saying he was assaulted by church leaders on Feb. 21, 2012.

Byrd says the pastor, Joel Arwood, threw him to the ground and beat him, claiming he was trying to cast out demons during a church meeting.

On the other hand, Arwood and his wife say it was they who felt threatened by Byrd. The judge sided with the Arwoods and dismissed the case, but it’s not over yet.

Byrd says he suffered multiple injuries, including cracked teeth and lasting leg problems. But he didn’t press charges until nearly a year after the incident because he says he spent that time trying to settle it through the church.

“They seemed to want to cover it up as though it didn’t happen. By the time we got through all those hearings, we were near the 12 months, so I had to file it,” Byrd said.

The pastor’s wife, Theresa Arwood, says it was Byrd who was in the wrong. She says he wanted to meet with church leaders to address some problems, but during the meeting it was Byrd who became angry, and even threatened them with a pocket knife.

“Mr. Byrd was kicking his legs up in the air trying to kick my husband in the back of the head,” Theresa said.

She says her husband and a few other church members weren’t trying to cast out demons, they were trying to pray for Byrd, and restrain him from hurting anyone.

“They were restraining him. He was trying to hurt us. At the point when he calmed down and seemed to be OK, they let him up,” Theresa said.

Church member George Lawson says he was at the meeting, and he thinks the pastor overstepped his authority by holding Byrd against his will.

“Mr Byrd was on his back he was trying to get up and I could tell something was being grossly mishandled up to this point,” Lawson said.

Lawson says after Byrd was released, everyone seemed fine. In fact, Byrd continued to attend the church several more times, saying his wife wanted him to. In the end, Sevier County Judge Benjamin Strand dismissed the case.

“Very disappointed. I expected it to go completely the other way with the evidence we had,” Byrd said.

Byrd was asking for more than $3 million in damages in this case. There is still a civil case pending. In that case, Byrd is seeking money for his medical expenses. No date has been set yet.

Byrd no longer attends the Family Chapel Church of God, instead he has now started his own ministry.”

From http://www.wate.com/story/24395930/exorcism-case


3 thoughts on “Exorcism victim loses assault case

  1. I think exorcisms should be made illegal.

    Too much illegal sh!t going on in them by people who wouldn’t have a clue.

    Woman Slashes ‘Demon-Possessed’ Son’s Throat

    From KFDM News in Texas:

    A Houston-area woman has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for beating her 5-year-old son and slashing his throat in an effort to rid his body of demons.

    A Montgomery County jury convicted Daphne Spurlock on Thursday of injury to a child.

    The child’s father returned home in March 2012 to find him covered in blood. The boy spent a month in a hospital and then underwent many months of rehabilitation.

    Spurlock, 45 at the time, told investigators she was reading the Bible with her son and realized he was possessed. She stomped on his chest and face and then cut him with a kitchen knife.

    The jury heard the defendant’s insanity defense but still decided Spurlock knew right from wrong.



  2. Byrd no longer attends the Family Chapel Church of God, instead he has now started his own ministry.”

    Of course his will be the perfect church to go to if you’ve got any form of mental illness! god grief – this is how Christianity has gotten so freaky – anyone and everyone thinks they can just start their own church if their not happy with the one they’re in!


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