The Prosperity Gospel ruined my life



6 thoughts on “The Prosperity Gospel ruined my life

  1. I do not believe I am part of a denomination. Others may disagree. For me, being a member of the body of Christ is more than enough. That doesn’t make me better than any other believer. It simply means I often struggle to live by faith, like most believers I know; and I grieve at my shortcomings and ignorance when it comes to really letting baggage go that I don’t need to carry, also like most believers I know. To be honest, getting self out of the picture is a 24/7 struggle for me and while I know that the answer is to walk by faith, to be humble, and be vigilant and diligent, I still hope at the end of the day to be acceptable in His sight.


  2. So Brian is saying that since there is not a fake “prosperity gospel” then prosperity teachers must be teaching the one true gospel. Thanks Brian for clearing that up and showing us where you stand on the matter.


  3. How many teachers of prosperity say they are not teaching the one and only gospel of grace, the gospel of Jesus? Of course they say they teach the true gospel of Jesus. Just because a preacher knows enough bible to state there is only one gospel, does not mean they faithfully teach it or follow it.

    I’m pretty sure that they say tithing &/or (seed) offerings is the pathway to blessings. Even if they additionally say that tithing is not mandated (for salvation). And that it is all a part of the Gospel of grace, the gospel of Jesus.


  4. Look it’s your own fault.

    If you don’t have the brains to realize that God isn’t some spiritual ATM then you deserve to be ripped off.

    He is and has been for most of humanity the God of the Poor, the Friend of the Weak.

    I just remembered what an amazing song this is.

    Lord end our madness
    Carelessness, greed.
    Make us content with
    The things that we need.

    Hard to find Christian songs about real life anymore.


  5. It was good to see the statement: There is no such thing as a “prosperity gospel”. There is only one gospel – The gospel of grace – The gospel of Jesus. I would like to, if I may, add to this statement of one gospel and place an emphasis on “one”. That is: There is only one body – the body of Christ. Members of the one body of Christ are the ekklesia, a combining word of “ek” and “klesia” whose meaning includes “called out ones”. The body of Christ is spiritual. It is not a natural or physical flesh blood and bone organism. And it cannot be seen with natural or physical eyes, but it can be seen with ones spiritual eyes. All ekklesia, that is all believers in Jesus Christ, have spiritual eyes that we are all learning to use.

    The church on the other hand is not the body of Christ. It never was, and it never will be the body of Christ. The body of Christ is one. The church is divided into many denominations with rules and regulations made by humans. The word church has an etymology of kuriakos, a word whose meaning includes “lord, master, and despot”. From an etymology point of view and from a practice point of view, the church is not the body of Christ. I would include it with the group called “sect”. It is established to serve two masters: laws and regulations of the land under which it is incorporated and its second master who is Jesus Christ. In the Greek text of the new covenant writings it clearly states that the ekklesia is the body of Christ. It does not say anywhere in scripture that the kuriakos is the body of Christ.

    I am encouraged to see the above statement of there being only one gospel and I look forward to all believers increasingly seeing the body of Christ as being the ekklesia, and no longer seeing themselves as the church. Specifically, of us increasingly seeing the new creation part of us as spiritual, also known as the ekklesia and the last man Adam, all as members of the one body. He is one, and we are all called into His one-ness. Finally, I would like to qualify everything that has been said in the above. All believers in Jesus Christ are the ekklesia. We are not the church. The church is a counterfeit that has succeeded through denominationalism to confuse many believers into loyalty to this or that denomination.

    Churches cannot fully agree with each other even while all confessing to follow the same Lord. The body of Christ is one and it cannot be divided. The church is not the believers in Jesus Christ. The church is a human made institution that exists with rules and regulations to moderate an existence in the world. I love believers. I do not love the church. I also look forward to the day when the church will be exposed for what it is, as one of the greatest crimes against humanity. One that accumulates wealth and riches to itself while many believers live in poverty and struggle 24/7. Our heavenly Father calls all of His creation into the one body He prepared for Jesus. He did not, and He does not, call us into a divided church. Jesus sent us His Holy Spirit to comfort us, to teach us, to guide us all into the one body of Christ. Amen to that!


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