Congregation asked to redraw loans to fund swanky church office


CityLife Church Melbourne Senior Minister Mark Conner blogs…

“Right now our church is engaged in a major fund raising project for larger church and community care facilities. It’s called The Story Building Project. Buildings don’t change lives but what happens in them can and does. [Visit our church web site to learn more]

Whenever you are prayerfully considering giving to a project of any kind, here are a few creative ideas to consider:

1. Give of what you already have. That could be something from you personal savings and investments or even a loan redraw.

2. Sell some of your assets. We see this occurring in the first church at Jerusalem when Barnabas sold a block of land and donated the proceeds to the work of the church (Acts 4:32-37). Put everything “on the table” making it available for God’s use. Maybe have a garage sale or put some unwanted items on eBay. Downsizing can have a very freeing affect on us, including reducing financial pressure (see Ecclesiastes 4:6).

3. Go without something (reduce expenses) and give from those proceeds. 

4. Stop spending unnecessarily by not buying more stuff and use those proceeds to give away. “Impulse buying” involves buying things we really don’t need and is the number #1 budget buster. 

5. Earn more money and give the profits. Some creative ideas from people in our congregation include a person working overtime and giving those funds, a teenager mowing lawns and donating proceeds and a single mum renting out a room.

When considering giving, it is important to get the right balance between faith, wisdom and sacrifice (Kind David would not give an offering that did not cost him something). It’s about equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. Everyone can do something. Sacrifice luxury not basic living … be radical but not reckless.

May God guide you as you seek him with an honest heart as to how and what you could invest in the work of His kingdom on earth.”



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